Letters To A Stranger

Eve Brooks has three brothers. 3 of The Jansokians. Luke, Beau and Jai. Beau is her twin. Her friend Charlie is overseas for the summer holidays. Eve decides to send a letter to her. But it doesn't get to her... Find out who it goes to by reading Letters To A Stranger. But then again, How do 1D, 5SOS and The 1975 come into this?



I sat in my room thinking for a good hour before I heard a knock on the door.

"Can I come in?" The voice said

"Sure, but if you assault me I'm calling the cops" I replied

The voice laughed. The door opened revealing Zayn.

"I don't think I will assault you unless I was drunk and depressed at the same time. K?"

"Fine" I responded looking him in the eye. "You have a girlfriend, right?"

"Yeah" He said blushing like mad.

"Perrie Edwards, correct?"


"Oh Laa Laa"

"Shut up"

"I can tell we are going to get along just fine" I said in my Austalian accent.

"Sure sure" He spoke after a good 5 minutes laughing. "Anyway, the boys were getting worried and they sent me up to check if you were alright. Are you alright?"

"Perfectly fine" I said smiling.

With that he walked out of the room. I decided that I needed a break and some fresh air so I decided to go to a hairdresser to get my hair dyed.

It took the hairdresser, whose name escapes me, 30 minutes to dye all my hair an aqua blue colour. I looked in the mirror.

"Oh My Lorde, it looks amazing" I gaped at my new hair colour. "Thank you so much"

"Your welcome" The hairdresser replied looking happy with herself.

I payed and walked back to Nicola's place. Hopefully she will be home by now, I don't want to be stuck with those 5 dipshits for another night. I walked in the door knowing it was open and went into the lounge to see 5 boys lying on the ground asleep at 7 O'clock at night. Obviously they lied about their concert tonight otherwise we would have been rushed out of the door 3 hours ago. I went and sat down avoiding their faces. I was so tempted to stand on just one of their faces but I decided I didn't want to be hated on by the world. 

My phone rang. It was Calum Frost again.

C - So what do you say to my offer?

E - I'll take it. What do I have to do?

C - Cool, meet me at Starbucks near the supermarket near where your staying ok?

E - Sounds good. What do you look like?

C -  Black hair, glasses, I'm from New Zealand if that's any help.

E - Oh. K. I've been to New Zealand before.

C - It's a nice place.

E - One last question. Are you cute?

C - Well, I would say I am.

E - Up yourself much

C - Hey I'll see you in 20 minutes at Starbucks K?

E - Sure Bye.

With that I hung up and walked out the door to meet Calum. The walk to Starbucks took me about ten minutes, and as I have never been to Starbucks, I decided to try something from the menu. I bought a Peppermint Hot Chocolate and sat down next to the window. 5 minutes later a hooded figure entered the cafe and took his hood off. He looked exactly like Calum described, he looked over in my direction and waved. So that is Calum Frost.

"Hey, Eve, right?" He asked taking a seat. "I didn't realize you died your hair but I saw you wave at me so I thought it was you"

"Yeah, thats me, are you Calum Frost?" I responded looking into his eyes.

"Ding ding, we have a winner" He said while laughing. "Yeah, thats me."

"So what do I have to do?"

"Well, I know that 4/5 of the boys from 1D think your hot and have a crush on you. That is everyone but Zayn. Zayn is the only one that knows that all of them like you."


"Well, I want to ruin their reputation"

"Bro, so do I"

"So, we are on the same page"


"Right, I have come up with an idea to ruin their reputation. It envolves you dating one of them for at least six months"


"I'll tell you more when you get 5 months into the relationship. Ok. You have to make it look real, so choose one of the boys, and hang out with him more than the others"

"Which ones have girlfriends?"

"Just Zayn at the moment"

"Ok. Can I pick Louis?"

"He is secretly seeing someone, so no, sorry"

"Ok, What about Liam?"

"I was going to say Harry, but Liam is fine. So hang out with Liam more than the other 4 and get him to fall in love with you. You have to fake your feelings towards him and lie to him. This is the perfect recipe to ruin their reputation!"

"Right, so that is all"

"Yeah. I have to go I have a meeting with the boss and it is very important"


I threw the cup out as I walked out the door and started walking home thinking about what Calum had said to me.

What if they find out? How will Daniel and the rest of the Janoskians react? Their like family to me. What about my fans? I've always had a small crush on Daniel.

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