Letters To A Stranger

Eve Brooks has three brothers. 3 of The Jansokians. Luke, Beau and Jai. Beau is her twin. Her friend Charlie is overseas for the summer holidays. Eve decides to send a letter to her. But it doesn't get to her... Find out who it goes to by reading Letters To A Stranger. But then again, How do 1D, 5SOS and The 1975 come into this?



I woke up and took a shower. I didn't put makeup on because I never ever wear makeup. I went down and had some pizza and ice-cream for breakfast. See I'm not like other girls, I eat heaps of crap and still manage to keep skinnyish. I go to the gym once a week, so I decided to ask Nicola where the closest gym is.

"Next door" She replied.

"Cheers, Thanks" I responded walking out the door and grabbing the keys that Nicola had given me.

I had spent 30 minutes at the gym when 5 topless boys walked in. I looked at their faces and realised that they were The Wanted. I had my earphones in and ironically I was listening to The Wanted's new album Word of Mouth. The song that was playing was Summer Allive, my favourite song. I looked to by left, Nathan Sykes was there on the treadmill, I looked right, Tom Parker was on the other side. I was in the middle of 2/5 of The Wanted. I changed the song on my iPod. It was another of The Wanted's songs. 

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"I see your listening to The Wanted" the guy said as I turned around to face Nathan Bloody Sykes. I haven't told anyone this but he is my celebrity crush.

"Hi, uhh, yeah I was listening to The Wanted " I replied trying very hard not to fangirl and faint.

"I'm Nathan Sykes from The Wanted" He replied looking me in the eyes.

"I'm Eve Brooks and I'm not that interesting" I answered.

"I recognize your name, yuor brothers are in that boy-band The Janoskians. Right?"

"Yeah, they have had me in some of their videos. Honestly they are complete dicks when the go around the house at 2AM yelling some shitty One Direction song"

"I've seen some of those videos with you in them. Your really funny"

"Hehe thanks." I said blushing. " I better go back. I'm staying with my friend Nicola and she will be worried if I don't go home."

"Can I have your number?" He asked looking really cute.

"Sure" I replied exchanging my number with his and walking out of the gym. 

A couple of minutes later as I was walking up the stairs to Nicola's flat, I got a text from Nathan.

From Nathan Sykes <3

Hey Eve it's me Nathan.

To Nathan Sykes <3

Hey Nath - How are you?

From Nathan Sykes <3

I'm goood WBU???

To Nathan Sykes <3

I'm Fiiineee.

That was the end of our short conversation. I unlocked the door to Nic's flat realising I had been standing outside for the last 5 minutes. Nicola was sitting on the couch watching the Big Bang Theory. I looked at the TV screen and yelled 


Nicola sat up and screamed as she turned her head to look at me. 

"Really, Eve, are you serious right now?" She screeched to me.

"Hell, yeah, Sheldon Lee Cooper is like my best friend when it comes to being absolutely bloody funny" I said to her giving her a creepy look. "Guess what?"

"What" She said falling for the Sheldon joke I was about to say.

"I'm BATMAN" I replied saying it the same way Sheldon said it in that episode.

"Not that secret, the other secret" She said playing along.

"Mum smokes in the car, God is okay with it, but don't tell dad!"

"Wow!! We really are big fans of Sheldon aren't we?"

"Yeah" I said looking at the TV screen where Sheldon was in the ballpit. I ran and jumped onto the couch and started watching The Big Bang Theory. 

"Oh, yeah, ummm, Eve. It turns out that Liam and the boys will be here tonight instead of next week!" She said looking down knowing about my dislike of the gay boy-band.

The doorbell rang. Nicola went to go and get it, I followed. Nic opened the door and it was...


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