Letters To A Stranger

Eve Brooks has three brothers. 3 of The Jansokians. Luke, Beau and Jai. Beau is her twin. Her friend Charlie is overseas for the summer holidays. Eve decides to send a letter to her. But it doesn't get to her... Find out who it goes to by reading Letters To A Stranger. But then again, How do 1D, 5SOS and The 1975 come into this?



As I walked out of target I looked up and saw atleast a 300 teenage girls. OH CRAP. I instantly thought as I had no way of getting through. I turned around and saw one of One Directions bodyguard coming towards me.

"There is a back entrance that you can use to get out and away from these girls" He said.

"Where will it get me to?" I responded.

"Next to Nandos"

"Please, show me the way."

He lead me through a series of hallways and doors. I went through  the last door to see the teenage girls on the other side of the mall, I could still hear them screaming, but I go away. Now to meet my brothers and co. in Nandos. I slowly walked in to Nandos, I saw them sitting at the back of the resturant and went over to them.

"Hey, Girls" I said teasing them.

"Oi. Don't call me a girl" Beau said loking tough. 

"Bro, I'm 5 minutes older than you. I call you what I want" I said looking in his eye. He started laughing and sat back down.

" Have you BOYS ordered yet?" I asked putting emphasis on the boys.

"Yeah, we have" Daniel said. "They ordered extra hot sauce in yours. If you want you can have mine" He added looking cute and innocent.

"They did what!!" I amost yelled. "I'll take that offer up,thanks Skip."

"No problem, babe" He replied looking incredibly happy with himself. 

I absolutely HATE extra hot things so I always get mild spice. But they always try to trick me and it never works because Daniel tells me when they order for me, so he orders mild and then we switch. He is such a cutie.

 We eventually left the resturant and when I got home I went on twitter to follow some of the boys fans. Their reactions to when I reply and follow are absolutely crazy it is hilarious. I decided to do a follow spree and some girls even changed their names to 'Thanks Evie'. Sometimes I retweet the funny tweets and they go mental. It is fun being a celebrity but there is a downside to it, all of the hate. I used to let it get to me, but I learnt from that after I got sent to hospital from cutting myself. I then decided not to read all the hate and focus on the positive things in life. 

Luke walked into my room disconnecting me from my thoughts.

"Hey, girl. Me and the boys are going to the airport to see One Direction leave, you wanna join us?" He asked getting all excited. 

"Yeah, ah, um, no thanks" I replied looking Luke in the eye. Luke walked out of the room. Yes, finally. One Direction are gonna be out of the country. I waited until the boys came home. 

One Week Later

I went out to check the mail. The was a letter from me, probably from Charlie I thought. I ran inside and opened the letter. The style of writing was definitely not Charlie's. It read.

Dear Eve

My name is Nicola Payne, I have received your letter. You must of sent it to the wrong address, or in this case country. I live in Wolverhampton, which is in the UK. I have another sister and a younger brother. My brother is in a world famous boy-band, you may have heard of them, they are called One Direction. His name is Liam, my other sister is called Ruth. I am 23 and my job is a waitress at Pizza Hut. Enough about me tell me about yourself. You seem like a nice person. What is your hobbies and where do you work?

From Nicola Payne.

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