Letters To A Stranger

Eve Brooks has three brothers. 3 of The Jansokians. Luke, Beau and Jai. Beau is her twin. Her friend Charlie is overseas for the summer holidays. Eve decides to send a letter to her. But it doesn't get to her... Find out who it goes to by reading Letters To A Stranger. But then again, How do 1D, 5SOS and The 1975 come into this?



-Chapter 3-


I woke up the next morning after having a really weird dream about 5 Seconds of Summer and The Wanted, my 2 favourite bands. I was dating Nathan Sykes then caught him cheating on me with Ariana Grande, then I went and started dating Luke Hemmings. Weird. 

I walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast when I smelt french toast. Uh Oh. I instantly thought , but then I looked and saw that my mum, Gina had actually made them.

“Thanks, Mum” I said hugging her then grabbing some to eat while watching Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob Squarepants. I may be 18 but I am a child at heart and still love watching Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. They are my favourite channels. Beau and Skip walk into the living room with no tops on. my automatic response would have been ' ewww go get a top on' but I couldn't be bothere saying anything because I was still pissed at them for taking me to the concert two nights ago.  They went into the kitchen, a minute later I heard, " Evie, darling, can you make me and you twinzie french toast? Gina left 10 minutes ago." Trust Skip to say that to me. " NO, Beau knows how to cook". "No, I don't" He yelled. "WHATEVER" I yelled in response.


5 Hours Later.


"Why are we in the mall, Jai?" I asked my younger brother.

"We really, really, really, really want to film awkward mall situations, and obviously we need to do this in a mall." Luke replies for him.

"K. I'm going to go shopping" I said as I turned and walked away from my mentally retarded brothers and their friends. I walked into Target I was halfway up the soft toy aisle when 5 teenage boys and 3 older guys sprint past me. Thinking it was my brothers, James and Daniel, I followed. As I got closer I saw that it wasn't The Janoskians, it was bloody One Direction. Oh Crap. I thought to myself as they turned to look at me. I was 10 metres away and the doors for the store were closed and they were sitting on the couches. I stood at the end of the aisle watching the big guys that must be their bodyguards talking to them.

The one that looked like Justin Bieber stood up and said.

"Hey, your that girl that was on the train the other day with those 5 idiots!"

"Yeah, ummmm, three of them are my brothers!" I replied walking towards them slowly.

"OH, umm, ah, sorry!" He said quickly.

" Don't worry about it. All five of them are complete dicks. But they are massive fans of yous, so thats why my twin brother Beau started screaming and crying quietly on the train. They also were front row at your show, I honestly, am not a fan of you guys. Some of your music is good, the rest is rubbish. Just putting it out there. No Offense" I said slowly thinking about what I was saying. " Ummm, what are your guys names?" I added.

"Oh, I'm Harry, That is Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn" The Curly Haired one said pointing at each person as he said their name. 

"Cool. I better go, Beau is texting me and I'm starving." I said as I walked out. I could hear them telling me to come back, but I ignored them.

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