Letters To A Stranger

Eve Brooks has three brothers. 3 of The Jansokians. Luke, Beau and Jai. Beau is her twin. Her friend Charlie is overseas for the summer holidays. Eve decides to send a letter to her. But it doesn't get to her... Find out who it goes to by reading Letters To A Stranger. But then again, How do 1D, 5SOS and The 1975 come into this?


13. CHAPTER 13

“ME” They all yelled.

“I pick, hmmm, green haired freak, you look averagely good at Call of Duty!” I said pointing to Michael Clifford, I think that was his name.

“Yes” He whispered shoving it in the other boys faces.

“Don’t get to cocky mate” I whispered in his ear “My brothers will personally eat you alive”

I looked at his scared face and picked up a controller choosing my person. He slowly decided on his and pressed start. 

20 minutes later and I was hiding in a bush. Michael Clifford was terrible a Call Of Duty, he had died three times more than I had. I died twice. I saw his character walking towards the building that was next to the bush I was in. I aimed my gun and shot him. 

"Who said I wouldn't win?" I asked the boys of 5SOS. They all raised their hands. "Pay up, and don't EVER underestimate a girl"

They looked scared when they walked out the door an hour later. I told them to watch their back. I can't be that terrifying. Am I?

I went into my bedroom and turned the radio on. I started to shake in excitement as I realised that the song that was playing was The 1975's song Chocolate. I looked out the window and saw the 4 boys going into the room across from mine so I went and shut the curtains and begun dancing like a complete retard.

The door flung open and Beau walked in yelling some crazy words that I couldn't understand because the music was too loud. He ran over to the stereo and turned it off and opened my curtains.

"We have visitors downstairs, keep it down" He said incredibly fast.

"Fine" I replied pushing him out the door.

I walked into the kitchen and grabbed some more food and then looked into the living room to see the boys and mum talking to 5 Seconds Of Summer and their parents. I walked behind them and snuck out of the house to Charlie’s house.

“Charlie” I yelled out.

She didn’t answer.

“Charlie” I continued yelling. 

I walked up to her room and opened the door. She was lying on her bed fast asleep. Of course. She is the deepest sleeper in the world. I walked over to the side of her bed and picked up her phone. 

I walked back over to the my house and went to Beau’s room where I had the perfect view of Charlies room. I had opened the curtains before I left so I could see this prank. I called her cellphone.

I opened the window in Beau’s room. I could faintly hear the words of Rebecca Black’s song Friday playing from across the street. I looked at Charlie as she woke up and started looking for her phone. She found it and picked up. 

C - Charlie                       E - Eve

C - Hello

E - ‘ello

C - What did you do to my phone?

E - Oh, um, I did absolutely nothing.

C - Why is my ringtone Friday?

E - I don’t know, ask Siri

C - I’ll call you back.

E - OK

I hung up and looked at her from across the road. She had her phone near her mouth talking to Siri. She looked up and into Beau’s room, she looked at me and smirked.

She called me.

E - So, what did Siri say?

C - She said and I quote, ‘You have been asleep and someone walked in your room in the darkness and wanted to prank my master’

E - Siri called you her master?

C - Yes, and your the only that has a key to my house.

E - OK, fine it was me. You caught me.

C - Is that the only thing you changed?

E - Yeah

C - Liar, liar, pants on fire.

E - Fine I changed all your ringtones.

C - Thank you, I have to go now.

E - Bye, bye 

C - See-ya

She hung up and walked out her house door while holding up her middle finger in my direction. She walked to her car and drove off in the opposite direction.

I walked out of Beau’s room and outside to the park down the road where The Janoskian’s film Q & A videos. I was swinging on the swing set and saw 5 Seconds Of Summer walking over to me. Michael waved at me, I waved back. They started running towards me and fighting over who gets the remaining 2 swings. 

I stood up and grabbed Michael’s arm, I pushed him onto the seat next to mine and sat back down.

“So, hows life?” I asked him casually.

“Pretty good, touring with 1D was fun” He replied watching the other 3 boys fight over the remaining swing.

“I saw you guys performing a couple of weeks back, since then I have been to the UK and met them. I don’t particularly like them though.” 

“Oh, they are nice lads”

“Thats one thing I can say about them.”

“Your hair is the coolest thing ever, wait… After my hair obviously” He said trying not to laugh.

“Thanks, Your hair is green, I was thinking about dying it black now”

“I think black would look nice on you” He said checking me out.

“Thank you” I said genuinely. 

I looked at the time on my phone, it was 3.30PM, I looked up knowing that Charlie’s car was about to go past in 3…2…1… I counted down on my fingers and when the last finger went down, her car drove past.

“Wow, can you read minds or something?” Luke asked me.

“I don’t recall being able to read minds” I said thinking about what to say.

“Well then what do you call that?” Calum added to the conversation.

“Charlie drives past this park every Saturday at 3.30” 

“Wow” Ashton said as a plane flew over our heads distracting Michael, Calum and Luke. “Your very talented”

“As I’ve heard from many people” I said with a smile. “Right dinner is going to be ready in about 20 minutes”

We walked out of the park and made our way back home talking about aardvarks and anteaters.

“Boys I’m home” I said as I opened the door to total blackness…

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