Alice and Lauren

Alice is human. Lauren is a vampire. But these best friends make it work. But when danger strikes will they be able to protect each other?


11. Trading

                                                             (Alice's POV)

   I was a vampire. But I didn't want to be. Neither did Taylor. "Lauren?" She looked up. "Yeah?" I don't want to be a vampire." She looked at me, strange. "Well at least not yet, when I don't have to be. What do I do?" Taylor smiled. "Me neither. What do we do guys?" They looked at each other. "We don't know." Lauren said, disappointed. I shook my head. I wanted to be human. Not any paler than I was. I felt a tear escape. "Don't cry Alice," Taylor lifted my chin. "We'll figure something out." I hugged him. "You know it hurts me when you hurt." Lauren hugged me. "I can't help it. We're connected. Best friends forever." Taylor tensed. "I've got it!" Lauren looked at him. "He's right!" "Lauren hold my hands." She looked at me skeptically. "Just do it." I told her. We connected. A bright light was over. I looked at Lauren. Green eyes rimmed with red. "Lauren! We did it!" I hugged her and she hugged me back. "Your not cold!" She yelped. Taylor and Chase did the same thing. Taylor swept me up and kissed me. And we walked out.


   Authors note: hey this is my final chapter... Of this book. Look for Tricky and my next book. 

                                              <3 Ferretsrock982   

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