Alice and Lauren

Alice is human. Lauren is a vampire. But these best friends make it work. But when danger strikes will they be able to protect each other?


10. Reality

Chase's POV

I stared at Lauren, unable to move while Taylor helped her. This was the one time I couldn't help her. She stopped moving. No breath, no movements. Nothing. Taylor ran over and broke the door down. He bursted into another room. "Chase!" He yelled. I picked up Lauren bridal-style and walked in. Alice layed on the floor with a blind-fold on, dead. Like Lauren. "I know CPR I can help her." Taylor said. He preformed CPR for about 5 minutes and Alice jumped up screaming. "Lauren! Lauren!" She screamed. She looked at Lauren. "Taylor!" She yelled at him. "Save her!" She pleaded. "Bite her, make her immortal, something!" She sobbed. "This isn't Twilight, Alice. But, I'll try something." Taylor said. Then he tried CPR on Lauren. Alice sat next to me sobbing into my shoulder. I stared, trying not to cry. Lauren nudged me everytime I cried, to make me laugh. This could be it, she could be dead.


But a sudden scream confirms otherwise.


Lauren runs up to me and hugs me. "Lauren, I thought you ..." I trailed off. "I'd never leave you." He said through sobs. "What is going on here?" Deliah screeched. "F-" Lauren mumbled. "Alice, you're pale!" I yelled. Alice stared at herself, then lunged towards Deliah. Lauren was on the ground complaining of a terrible headache. She never complains, like, ever about headaches. Taylor helped her as I fought Deliah with Alice. Alice grabbed Deliahs face. I turned to see Lauren sitting talking to Taylor. I turned back to see Alice had ripped Deliah's head off. "That was violent." She giggled. Taylor walked over to her. "Can I ask you something?" He said. "Will you go out with me?" He asked. Alice's eyes lit up. Her white sundress had blood splattered on it and her light brown hair had tangles in it. Her eyes, her brown eyes, rimmed with crimson red. Her pale skin, cold like ice. She was a vampire. But a happy one, at that.


This is reality.

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