Alice and Lauren

Alice is human. Lauren is a vampire. But these best friends make it work. But when danger strikes will they be able to protect each other?


5. All alone

                                                     (Alice's POV)

Ugh I lost them. "Dumb vampire super speed" I grumbled. I stopped at the coffee shop and got a muffin and a hot chocolate. When I was finished I wandered throughout the mall. That when a woman came up to me. She was very pale. Oh no! "Hello dear." She had a british accent. "Um... Hello." I looked past her. Where was Lauren?! "Come with me." And I did. I knew what was going on. Vampire hypnosis. All but my mind was controlled. Lauren had shown me this. In a dark edge of the mall (where most of the V's, as I called them, shop). The whole room seemed to spin. She let go of my mouth. "What do you think your doing?! Let me go!" I tried to struggle. "Oh be quiet. It's all part of the plan." I wrinkled my nose. Oh crud I was V food. I tried to contact Lauren. She could tell when I was in danger. "Lauren?! Where are you?! Help!" "She's not gonna help you." I was confused. "Get out of my head! Lauren's the only one aloud in there and I hate it when she is!" The strange women laughed. "This sucks." I said. Who cares anyway. I was way to familiar with vampires. Why can't my life be normal. The weird lady dragged me out to a tree. I saw something shimmer in the grass. " Lauren's ring!" I'd given it to her for her birthday. She never took it off. "Oh no." There was a flash of light and it was dark. 

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