Adrianna Thomas is your normal First Year, half-blood, Ravenclaw witch. That is, until she befriends Harry Potter. When Harry and her secret crush, Neville, are thrown into jeopardy, will she do what it takes?


6. First Day at Hogwarts

Dear Adrianna Tomas,

Congratulations on making it to Hogwarts, and congratulations on being Sorted into Ravenclaw. Your schedule is as follows:

Potions- Professor Snape

Defense Against the Dark Arts- Professor Quirrell

Herbology- Professor Sprout

Flying 101- Professor Hooch

Transfiguration- Professor MsGonagall

Muggle Studies- Professor Burbage

Congratulations again, and may you have the best of luck this year.


Albus Dumbledore

I couldn't believe it. I had Potions first? Just my luck. But, overall, I like my schedule. "Luna! What's your schedule?"

She comes running in, a mess of tangled blond hair holding the same piece of parchments as I. "I have Flying, Defense Against The Dark Arts, Potions, Ancient Runes, Transfiguration, and Muggle Studies. What about you?"

I look over mine. "Potions, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, Flying, Transfiguration, Muggle Studies. So we have three classes together!" I hug her excitedly.

She smiles, and walks away. What was wrong with her? This was very un-Luna behavior.

At 6:45, I walked out to the Great Hall.

I was late, like normal.

I took the only open seat, and piled food onto my plate. Grapes, pancakes, oranges, and pumpkin juice to drink. Delicious.

Dumbledore began his speech, and I tuned out yet again.

Potions was awful. Snape was a monster, he was so mean to is all. He had a Hufflepuff named Hannah in tears.

Of course, the Slytherins' liked him. Talking to my partner and buddy, Emilè, she rants about how kind he is to them, and how he understands them, and all that jazz.

Anyway, Emilè and I managed to make the best Swelling Solution in the class, and I earned Ravenclaw fifteen points. Yay!

I had a bad feeling about the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. He stared at Harry viciously, almost as if he waned to kill him or something.

On the way out of class, I grab Harry on the shoulder. "Harry?"

He looks at me, looking so sweet and innocent. "Yes?"

"Is there a place we can talk?" I lower my voice. "Alone?"

He bites his lip and nods. He takes me to the back to the corridor in which we were walking. "What? I don't want to be late to Flying."

"You need to watch your step. The way Quirrell looks at you.." I shiver.

He shakes his head. "You're seeing things. He's kind and nice to me. Why would he want to kill me?"

"I don't know, Harry, but be careful. Snape looks at you the same way. Just be careful, alright?"

"Okay... Thanks...?"

"Adrianna. Adrianna Tomas."

"Thank you, Adrianna."

I smile. "My pleasure."

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