This is a story about a boy who has an abusive family and is always being bullied, abused, and just pushed around... Believe me or not... This story is here. It exists. And there is nothing you can do to destroy the fact that it exists and will be read. So let's go on a journey why don't we? And remember you need to smile!


3. Snapped

       It's a few months later, Noel and Samantha have become best friends. But Noel is still being bullied for being nice and sweet to everyone he meets. Noel still feels strange toward Samantha... He told his mother this and she said it was the feeling of love. Noel also tried getting advice from his older brother about this. He got some advice but his brother had his job at the army he had to deal with... So they weren't able to talk long. Noel began to snap a little. He would begin to laugh uncontrollably in horrible situations... He would begin to think of murder... How easy it would be to kill someone always went through his mind. He was turning somewhat insane. Samantha noticed and began to worry more for him... But he just told her he was fine and that it was nothing to worry about. But then... The day came.. The day he snapped. He was being bullied on his way home. And then he just snapped like a twig. He lashed out. He grabbed the boy by his neck and screamed in his face. He beat the boy unconscious and dragged him into an abandoned church. He tied him up from the cross. Then the boy woke up. "What the-." He says waking up slowly. Noel back hands him, "Ow what the fuck!" The boy screams. "Mr.Positive?" The boy says confused. Noel growls and back hands him again. "It's Noel bitch!" He shouts. "W-what are you doing?" The boy asks stuttering. "Getting my revenge." Noel says smiling and then laughing like a mad man.

         "You couldn't just leave me be could you? You couldn't let one single happy soul exist could you?" Noel says in anger, "I just-" the boy started but was cut of by Noel back handing him once more. "Your actions come with a price." Noel says hushing him. "Well time to pay up bitch." Noel says pulling out a pocket knife. "Oh please don't kill me!" The boy pleads, "Haha, begging will get you nowhere with me, plus I wouldn't kill you right on the spot." Noel says, "I want to have a little fun first." Noel says smiling then laughing once again like a mad man. Noel put the end of the blade to the boys mouth. He begins cutting a smile into his face as the boy begs and pleads for him to stop. But Noel has no more patience anymore. He no long will take mercy upon his targets. Noel backs away, "I bet you'll smile back no won't you?" Noel says smiling and kissing him on the lips. "What the fuck?" The boy says, "You never where one for affection." Noel says shrugging. "So what's your name, because you obviously know mine?" Noel says sitting back in a seat on the first row not far from the boy. "M-my name is Luke." The boy answers. "Ah Lukas." Noel says smiling. "Hey gotta get to know your first victim huh?" Noel says smiling at him. "I'm a bit confused.." Lukas says. "What about?" Noel asks shrugging, "Do you like me or something?" Lukas asks, "Hmm, I do find you interesting... But a thought a little kiss might make it feel better." Noel says smiling evilly.

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