This is a story about a boy who has an abusive family and is always being bullied, abused, and just pushed around... Believe me or not... This story is here. It exists. And there is nothing you can do to destroy the fact that it exists and will be read. So let's go on a journey why don't we? And remember you need to smile!


2. Samantha

      School has come to an end and he must go to the library to study. He heads there in his car, when he finally gets there he walks to the back. He goes to the window and looks out smiling, such a 'beautiful day' he thinks to himself. He then goes on with his studying. Then the sun seems to be going down and he must return home. But he is approached by a girl. "Why hello Noah is it?" She asks smiling, "Oh um yeah." He says smiling and fixing his hair, "We met a while ago today... Well not really met but we talked a bit." She says smiling. He thinks a while and finally remembers "Oh yeah I never caught your name... So um.. What is your name?" He asks, "Oh right sorry, I'm Samantha." She says smiling and shaking hands with him. "Um wanna hang out maybe?" She asks, "Um sorry it's a school night and mom's expecting me home... But we might be able to hang on Friday." He says smiling. "Oh sounds good." She says smiling back at him. He waves goodbye to her, but before he can leave she stops him. "Wait." She says, "Um yeah?" He responds, she hands him a piece of paper, "Call me." She says smiling, he smiles at her and waves once more and this time leaves. He gets in his car and starts to drive home. He thinks about how nice and sweet Samantha is. He never really has felt the way he does about Samantha toward anyone else. He finds it strange how his heart feels when she smiles back at him. He laughs at himself for thinking so much about someone he knows so little about.

        'She probably just wants to be friends, maybe even best friends! I mean I've never even kissed anyone.' He thinks to himself as he pulls up in his driveway. 'But she is pretty I will admit that. She's also sweet and caring. She seems worried for me... I guess because people don't say the nicest things to me.' He thinks. He walks into the house and his mother is already in bed. She didn't really care about him much. Didn't care if he came home at all to be honest. But it didn't bother him. He loved her all the same. But she wasn't like most mothers... All warm and loving... She hated her children. Always called them mistakes. Claiming that she would be better off without them. But Noel didn't think much of it. Always pushing it away, he always thought it was the alcohol making her say these things. These things that he didn't care if they were true or not. He didn't care if anyone loved him... Or at least he didn't seem to. He just loved everyone. Treated everyone with respect. Never said anything hurtful. Never curses. Always minds his manners. But he did like some pretty out of the ordinary things. He likes blood, and violence. When he sees things blow up he smiles. He doesn't know why he does... But he does. He loves the way blood is. He likes the way it looks and smells... He even likes the way it tastes. Would he ever talk about this? No. He didn't want to scare people. He wanted to make them happy... So this is one of his little secrets he keeps.

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