This is a story about a boy who has an abusive family and is always being bullied, abused, and just pushed around... Believe me or not... This story is here. It exists. And there is nothing you can do to destroy the fact that it exists and will be read. So let's go on a journey why don't we? And remember you need to smile!


4. Actions have consequences

        Lukas is now staring at Noel in fear of what is to come. "Will you let me live then?" Lakes says confused, "Thing is Lukas, I haven't decided yet. I might because no one will believe you when you say that I did this seeing is how I'm so sweet and innocent... But then again... You were pretty mean." Noel says as if pondering if he should kill Luka or let him live disfigured. "But that doesn't mean I won't play with you a bit before I let you go... If I let you go." Noel says. "You're sick." Lukas says looking Noel in the eyes, "Oh please love, flattery will get you nowhere." Noel says leaning closer to Lukas smiling a mischievous smile. Noel begins to look at Lukas's neck... Wondering if it would kill him... But he wasn't going to risk it... He knows now he will let Lukas go... But he will not let Lukas no this until he is done torturing him. "So Lukas don't you have a beautiful girlfriend of some sort?" Noel says, "No.. Not anymore anyway." Lukas says. "Aww poor Lukas, want me to kiss it and make it better?" Noel teased getting close to Lukas so they're now nose to nose.

         Lukas looks at him a bit... But doesn't answer... Noel shrugs and kisses Lukas again. "I must say your blood is a bit yummy." Noel says as the blood from Lukas's disfigured smile is letting the blood run onto his lips. Lukas no is scared as hell... Noel likes the taste of his blood and that scared him more than anything. Noel goes through Lukas's bag, he finds cigarettes and a lighter. Noel looks up at him and smiles, "Naughty, naughty boy." Noel says pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. He shrugs and starts to smoke it. Noel then looks at it after a while and walks up to Lukas, "Here you can have it." Noel says putting the cigarette out on his neck, and flicking it somewhere to the far right. "That fucking hurt!" Lukas says, "Aww I'm sorry, here let me help." Noel says kissing the mark. Noel unties Lukas's left arm, and hold up the wrist so he can see. Noel then flips out his pocket knife and makes cuts down his wrists. During this Lukas is crying and begging for mercy. "Oh I'm sorry." Noel says kissing the wound but at the same time licking up some of the blood. Noel then kisses Lukas's lips agains. "One more thing." Noel says, that made Lukas's heart jump. Noel untied Lukas's right arm and cut a heart into his wrist. He then kissed it. Noel then looks at Lukas, then kissing him once more on the lips. Noel pulls away. "I'm letting you live." Noel says, Lukas perks up. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Oh my god thank you!" Lukas says happily as Noel unties him and gives him back his things. "Just remember your actions have consequences." Noel says smiling. Lukas then runs out of the church. But Noel doesn't stop here. He is still out there. Punishing people for their actions. But he always kisses it to make it better. And leaves a heart on their right wrist. Noel is still out there. So watch what you do and say... You never know when Noel will come your way.

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