(Minecraft) A Diary Of A Ender Girl And A Snow Girl...

Two Girls Explain How They Met (MINECRAFT)


2. SnowGolemTastic - Snow POV

Heyyy!!!! my names SnowGolemTastic :D and im half snow,half human!!! So heres the start of my story!! Enjoy!!

Snow POV:

Ah! A new boring day laying in my royal bed alone! At least im not gardening like yesterday! BORING!!!!! Then i got out of bed and got changed into my dress in memory of my mum (who died years ago) as it was Crowning Day!!!!! So I walked back into the royal garden to get crowned... BUT THE CROWN WAS GONE!!!!!! All I saw was my father shocked! As I saw a arrow closely but amazingly not harming my father... I noticed a sword on the floor and I walked over and picked it up.. Herobrine was marked on it. I felt a spark and all I thought was .... Revenge

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