(Minecraft) A Diary Of A Ender Girl And A Snow Girl...

Two Girls Explain How They Met (MINECRAFT)


5. RendermanL- Ender POV

Ender POV:
When I woke up the book was gone. Unusal.. I thougt but just ignored it and got up. I looked out the window to see the sun shining very bright and I stepped back shelding my eyes. "God darn you sunlight why do you have to wake me up" I whispered as I put my crown on. After changing I felt the room, and leaned agaisnt the wall and yawned. As I walked down the corridoor I heard a squel and a person yell. I ran out the castle to see a farmer chasing a pig around the field next to the castle. It was too hard not to laugh at the sight. I  tried to hold in my laughter but ended up bursting out in a crazy laughing fit. I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so much. The farmer looked up at me and I tried to calm down my laughter. "I was just... sorry it was just so funny" I said embarrised. "Its ok princess" The farmer said and I looked up to see the farmer was a boy around my age. "Its my father pig, I was going to ride it but it ran of." The boy said looking at the pig who was hidding in the wheat field. " I will help you catch it" I said smiling. "Ok thanks princess, my names lewis" Lewis said and I smiled "My names RendermanL. Please feel free to call me my real name instead of princess" I said and ran ahead. "LETS CATCH THIS PIG" I yelled cheering. This was going to be intresting...

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