(Minecraft) A Diary Of A Ender Girl And A Snow Girl...

Two Girls Explain How They Met (MINECRAFT)


3. RendermanL- Ender POV

Ender POV:
A few days passed and every day I would get that same spark. I never saw that man again and I was determand to find more about him. But whenever I asked someone they would run away screaming. I went into the royal libary and picked out a book on minecraft history. It had no records on this man so I moved onto another book. It was called The tale of a minecraft beast. I began reading the 800 page book. It was talking about the person I was looking for! "YES I FOUND IT!" I yelled and everyone stared at me. "Sorry" I whispered and carried on reading. To be honest, the book was so catchy and I ended up reading it all night. I ended up feeling to tired and I put the book on my bedside table. I sighed and looked up and the ceiling and I felt that spark again. I got out of bed and grabbed my sword. I ran out and began killing mobs. After a hour of murdering the beasts I headed back inside, the spark calmed down. I fell asleep smiling.

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