(Minecraft) A Diary Of A Ender Girl And A Snow Girl...

Two Girls Explain How They Met (MINECRAFT)


1. RendermanL- Ender POV

Heyyyyyy my names RendermanL :D And this is my first chapter. Im part ender dragon part human and I love minecraft. HERES MY STORY.. :D


Ender Pov

Another day of adventures for me and my ender army. We came across this wierd base which was covered in snow. We will hopefully investagate it but we left it as some of my army got hurt by some of the melted snow. When we all arrived back I ran straight to my castle and found my father. As I ran into the throne room I froze. My father was sat in his throne... Dead. I stepped back and felt something behind me. Or shall I say someone. I turned around and cluched my sword. I looked up to see a man with white glowing eyes and he was smiling at me. I growled and stepped back. "Your next" was the only thing he said as he dissapered. I ran over to my father and dropped my sword. I fell to my knees and began crying. Then I felt a spark. I looked up and there was only one thing on my mind... Revenge.

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