I Will Find Mr Holmes

John Watson has woken up in hospital and has no idea why he's there or why the shoulder that he got shot in suddenly feels like a fresh wound. All he wants to do is see Mary and Sherlock but he's told that Mary doesn't exist and that he never knew Sherlock but he's missing, assumed dead.
John knows what he has to do. He has to find Mr Holmes.


3. Chapter 3

I didn’t have a car or anything to drive to get to him but I had to get there soon so I decided to run. We weren’t that far from there and I couldn’t afford to waste time by waiting for a bus. I had to leave Molly due to Greg already leaving but she was sitting on the floor in puddles of tears and I didn’t think that she would go anywhere.
I was running as fast as I could, I knew that he would do the same for me and I needed to save him. He might not have any idea who I am or why I’m saving him when I get there but I didn’t care, it was Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes: High-functioning sociopath. Sherlock Holmes: The possible virgin. Sherlock Holmes: The smartest person I’ve ever met. Sherlock Holmes: My best man. Sherlock Holmes: My best friend. Sherlock Holmes: The man who made my life exciting.
I got to the tower of London and was so happy that it was open. I ran inside and realised that I needed to buy a ticket, there was a line. A long line. I was going to do something stupid for the sake of Sherlock Holmes.
“Excuse me, everyone!” Everyone turned to look at me with annoyance on their faces. “I am a doctor and I have been called as there is an emergency in this building, I need to get inside as quickly as possible. Here is my identification.” I held up my I.D. and made my way through the queue, as soon as I was out of their view I started running. I had no idea where Sherlock was and I was scared for him. I had a feeling that I was going the right way and I hoped and wished that he was going to be there.
I turned the corner and saw a dark, gloomy corridor with a single door at the end. I walked down the corridor and opened the door and I was not prepared to see what was in there. Sherlock was chained to the wall surrounded by vomit on the floor, there was dried blood on the wall and I thought that I was going to be sick but not before I saved him.
“Sherlock?” I said, he looked at me and his face was horrific. “Sherlock, I’m going to help you, I’m getting you out of here.” Silence. “Sherlock, say something. Say something so I know that you’re alright.”
“Help me.”


Having a pocket knife was so useful then, I cut through one chain and he slumped to one side.  
“We’re going to get out of this, don’t worry Sherlock. You’re going to be alright, everything’s going to be fine.” I cut the other chain and put his arm around my shoulder. “I’m getting you out of here.” I walked out of there with him and called an ambulance to help him when we got out of there. When I got closer to the tourists looking around I called out to them for help and they helped. All I could think about was where Moriarty could be, he wouldn’t just let Sherlock leave.
“John,” I heard Sherlock murmur. I was about to cry of relief that he remembered me.
“Sherlock, I’m here, I’m not going to leave you ever again.” I was crying now and I didn’t even care, I just needed Sherlock to know that he was safe.
“John, what are you doing here? Where’s Mary?”
“She doesn’t exist, Sherlock, I’m sure about it now. She doesn’t exist and all that matters is that you’re safe.” I stroked his hair, gently, just as we got outside where the ambulance was waiting. We went into the back and the paramedic got him onto the stretcher, I sat near him and held his hand while the paramedic checked what happened.
“John, something isn’t right,” Sherlock said, squeezing my hand tighter.
“Don’t worry, Sherlock, you’re safe now.”
“John, I want you to know that I-“ And then something happened, he stopped talking and breathing.
“Sherlock! Sherlock, wake up! No, this can’t be happening!” I put my head in my hands. “Help him then!” And at that point I saw the paramedic’s face and I knew that Sherlock was trying to warn me about him. It was Moriarty, back from the dead. 

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