The Boy in the MIrror

Paige just graduated from collage. she moved into a great house. Just one problem...there is a ghost. what happens when she finds out who the ghost is, and why he is haunting her?


2. My story

I went on to google and typed in what happened in blah, blah, blah. I found out that everyone who lived in house died a couple of days after they moved in. one family was lynched (hung), another drowned in a lake. I was so scared. What would happen to me? I need to get out of this house.

Harry’s P.O.V                          

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking ‘why did you kill innocent families when they did nothing to you?’ well let me tell you there is one reason and one reason only: Zayn Malik. He caused me to die with all his hurtful words. He even physically hurt me even though I did nothing to him. He made Louis, my only friend turn against me. And it was all Zayn’s fault. And all the families knew Zayn. (Oh and the flashback was a couple of years ago so that is why Zayn is in this partJ)


“Hey Lou!” I said as he walked in to the classroom. “Hey Hazza!” He said as he sat down next to me “I heard we are getting a new student. I think his name is Zayn.” He said. “Oh cool.” I was thinking if he would be my friend like Louis is because I get bullied a lot and Louis is my only friend and I hope I can get another one.

“Class we have new student, Zayn Malik.” Ms. Kelly said. “Zayn you can sit behind Louis.” She said.

Skip class*******************

  After class I tried to talk to Zayn, but he ignored me and kept on talking to Louis. “Sorry” he mouthed. I just nodded my head and walked away. A couple of weeks later Louis started to change. ‘’hey, Styles!” Louis said. “What?” I said looking at the ground waiting for him to say something mean. “Wanna go to the bar with me and Zayn?” he asked. “A bar? Louis your 16 years old you’re not allowed in a bar.” I looked at him like he just slapped someone. Louis would never do something like that unless…Zayn is behind this. “I know I’m too young that is why we are making fake ID’s.” he said. “But Louis what if you get caught I really don’t think you should go. Before Zayn was here you would never do anything like this and now because he came you bully me and other kids and now you’re going to a bar?! You need to stop hanging out with Zayn.” I said to him but he did not listen. “And who made you the boss of me Styles? I can do whatever I want whenever I want!” he said as he got up in my face. He pushed me into my locker. “You have changed Louis…I thought you were my friend.” I said with a hurt look on my face. “Well you thought wrong.” And with that he shut my locker. Later on, one of the students opened the locker and helped me out. After I got home I did my homework, and watched a movie. It was about 10:30 when someone knocked on my door. I went to the door and I saw a drunk Zayn and a drunk Louis. “Hey buddy!” Louis slurred. “Louis why are you here and how did you get here?” I asked confused. “Zayn met a girl who does not like to drink so she drove us here.” Louis said as he sat down on my couch and then started making out with my remote. “Louis, let me drive you and Zayn home and then I will call Zayn’s friend to stay with you.” I said while taking the remote out of his hands. “You’re no fun! Live a little!” Louis said. I pushed him out of my house. “Louis you need to go home NOW” then I shut the door in his face.

 A couple of days later I called Louis and asked him if he could come over. I heard my door bell ring. I opened it and saw a Louis with tattoos. “Louis?” I asked confused. “Yeah styles?” He said annoyed. “Come on in.” He walks in, sits on the couch, and turns on the TV. “Um, I wanted to talk to you about something.” He said. “What?” He said still looking at the TV. “Well I don’t think you should hang out with that Zayn guy anymore.” I said looking at the floor. He looked at me slowly. “And why would I do that? He finally made me feel like a cool kid and you just want to take that feeling away!” He said slowly getting louder as he spoke. “Now Louis, why would I do that? I just think he is a bad influence on you!” I said pretty much hurt that he thinks I would do that to him. I mean, we have been friends since the 2nd grade! “Of course you do! All you ever do is worry about me and I think it is annoying! You never worry about yourself! I can make my own choices in life! You won’t always be there for me, and if I choose to hang out with Zayn then I will!” He yelled. “Louis! You know good and well that I am only trying to be a friend!” I said. “WELL STOP!” He yelled and with that he left, slamming the door shut.

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