In Your Arms

A girl named Elsa Burrell she is picked on constantly for things most people find beautiful. She finds her self meeting Harry styles what happens when he falls for her and gains all kinds of feelings for her when the rest of the world just won't approve of it.


6. Chapter 4: Live while we're young

Elsa's POV



Okay so by the time that I did get in to Harry's flat it was huge. I think it was three stories and and lot's of extra rooms. I walked in with Carlie and  Harry was really happy to see me it's funny recall, the way he smioed at me it was kinda crooked and cute. I tink I'm starting to like him. But then again who wouldn't form a crush on Harry Styles? "There you are, I was getting a little worried." He said. "Well I was just speaking to an old friend" I lied through my teeth. "oh, well why don't you come sit down? And we made lunch if you would like some.?" "no thanks were good." I said as both me and Carlie went to sit down. Now every one was sitting down. Wow I am sitting with the most popular boy band on the planet. I must be either pittied or special. "Let's play a game." harry half shouted. "Truth or Dare!" Louis actually yelled. Yep he would be the one to say it. We all sat on the floor in a circle of seven. "I'll go first." Carlie suggested, I was sitting in between her and Harry. She looked at Louis and said "I dare you to dance on the table in nothing but your underwear and socks while one, of us video tapes you." Louis looks at her  with venom in his eye but the rest of us have suspense in our eyes. Louis starts stripping down his clothes and pretty soon he is in his underwear and socks. Liam gets up and runs in to the other room. Not long after he runs back in with a camera. And he clicks the button. I look over to Carlie who is has the biggest grin on her face, I think she likes Louis,almost as much as she loves black veil brides. Yeah she is obsessed with black veil brides a whole bunch. The only reason she was at that concert in the first place is because I kind of forced her to come so... yeah. Any ways After wachting Louis Tomlingson dance on the kitchen table half naked, it was his turn to dare that we are all back in the circle and every body has clothes on, Louis looked over to me and said "okay Elsa, I dare you to kiss Harry."  My  intestines stirred in my stomach this is really happening. I look over to Louis only to see that he has an evil yet jokingly smile on his face. "Uumm,I don't know about that" I am really nervous at this point. "Come on Elsa you know you want to,"Carlie isnt exactly on my good side right now. Just then, Harry scooted over from across the circle, right next to me and...


thanks for reading this that contest is still up if you can do it so yeah so sorry that I didn't update and I do know it was short :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) 


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