In Your Arms

A girl named Elsa Burrell she is picked on constantly for things most people find beautiful. She finds her self meeting Harry styles what happens when he falls for her and gains all kinds of feelings for her when the rest of the world just won't approve of it.


4. Chapter 3: I wish

Harry's POV



I woke to the sound of my phone ringing I jumped up because it startled me. I looked at the the caller ID but it was unknown who would be calling at this time of the day ugh probably a fan. I answered it cautiously with an Australian accent Well at least I was gonna "we need to talk" she interrupted me from what I was gonna say. "Who is this" I said in my Australian voice. "Elsa." Do you remember me from last night?" I sighed in relief because it wasn't a crazed fan " wait do I have the wrong number?" She said a little worried "no love, it's me I just thought you were a crazed fan that was stalking me and some how got my cell number, it happens pretty often. " o....Kay ..." She said a little confused. "Anyways, get your laptop, I'm assuming you have one right?" " yeah love why?" I replied a little confused. "Look up 'Harry's new girl' on YouTube there's a video of the news it went viral." I typed in what she told, after going to YouTube of course. I watched the video it had pictures of the hug. People always over exaggerate things. It was a hug. What would management say about this. "Ugh" I said a little too loudly "I'm sorry you shouldn't have to go through this." I said feeling bad. I put my head down knowing how bad this would get for her. "It's fine" she said. "No it's not let me make it up to you why don't you and that girl..." I hesitated for a moment " Carlie?" "Yeah, that's her name" she reassured me " why don't you guys come over today, get to know us. And vise versa she was silent for second I was hoping it would be a yes I was beginning to like her like, like-like her. " sure" she finally said "I'll just call Carlie and see what she thinks. Then I'll call you back to get a time." She said. "Bye" and with that she hung up. I went down stairs to see the boys past out in the living room I grabbed a pillow and through it at Niall knowing he would scream and wake up the others "aaahhh" he said waking up " what was that for " he said as my plan worked and the others began to wake " come on" I said "we will have guess. Get ready." I commanded and with that they all got up and went to their bed rooms and with a matter of 20minutes of us all getting ready we were done just then I heard my phone ring from the room I ran upstairs and grabbed it. It was the same phone number. " hello?" I said picking up the phone. "Carlie said she could come over anytime after 3:00pm I nodded my before realizing she couldn't see me "so how bout 3:45pm" mhm" she said "bye" I said and then she said "good bye" with that I hung up. I ran down stairs to see Louis making breakfast scrambled eggs "sweet. I'm starving." I exclaimed "good I made a lot!" Today was gonna be great. "So I sorta met a girl last night and her and her friend are coming over at around 3:34pm" I stated. Clearly excited. I think you could see it in my eyes as I had a cup of tea. Because they all stared at me they tended to do that when I was obviously excited. "Cool!" Niall exclaimed "But you could have let us sleep longer" he finished. They were always really lazy but we all deserved it I mean we worked really hard. I went and sat on the couch, grabbed the remote and turned it to MTV2 and latest starz news came on [[btw idk if that is a real show and honestly idc]] and there it was the hug. "IT WAS JUST A HUG! " I half yelled. Liam came and sat down next to me. " I know how you feel bro" he said I looked at him and half smiled. "Food's ready" Louis yelled. I jumped over the couch and sat at the table. I sat down after grabbing a bowl of eggs. I was still thinking about the show that was on just now. " so who's this girl? Is she a crazed fan?" Zayn said laughing " it's not funny. She was upset yesterday, backstage and Umm I gave her a hug papparazzi was there somehow" I said looking at Niall who let them come back stage if they payed us all I didn't agree but it had already been done. So it was out of my control. "Sorry bro" Niall said stuffing his face with eggs.

I'm beginning to wish the hug really did mean something but it was only for comfort.



Elsa's POV


I had to figure out what to wear it had to be casual but cute if that makes since. I decided on a turquoise top with a skinny belt around it. I wore skinny jeans and black converse. I had already taken a shower so I just brushed out my wet curly brown hair and put in moose. [[once again the hair product not the animal that's just weird]] once it was dried, it was about three o'clock and Carlie got here she wore a blue Aeropostale shirt that fit her figure and and black skinny jeans and purple nikes. We got there at exactly 3:42pm I had to use my GPS because I didnt know where he lived I was still in the car when my phone buzzed I told Carlie to go ahead and I would be right there.



Carlie's POV



"Go ahead I'll be right there." She said as she pulled out her phone I sighed and got out of the car grabbing my keys. I walked up to the door *knock knock knock* it was about 3 seconds before Louis Tomlinson opened the door "Hello love are you Elsa?" I swallowed hard, very hard,trying not to freak out "no actually,I'm her friend Carlie." Managed to say that it was hard he gestured for me to come in. " oh hi Carlie. Where is Elsa? Harry asked " she is in the car she will be right in." "Oh okay he said with a smile.



Elsa's POV



I pulled out my phone as Carlie stepped out of the car it was a text from Christie "UGH" I hates the way she treated me.

Christie: look I seen you hugging Harry styles I don't know what it was about but I know it was no more than pity. So stop feeling sorry for yourself. 'Cause he's mine, got it?

A tear fell down my cheek at the thought if everyone always pitied me and that I was just a burden. Good thing I didn't wear make up. I just sat there for a about 5 minutes, no longer crying just thinking



Carlie's POV




After about 5 minutes I got worried. So I decided to go get Elsa. " Harry. I'm going to go see what she's up to. " k love" he said with a smile and went back to talking with the rest of the guys. I walked out side and seen Elsa in the car she was just sitting there absolutely no expression what so ever. I think she was thinking



Elsa's POV



Carlie walked out and seen me. "Hey I don't know what's wrong but you should know that I think Harry really wants to see you so come on let's go in side." And with that I walked straight in to Harry Styles flat.




Authors note: so yeah I'm real sorry that I haven't updated I was planning on waiting a little longer until I got 30 reads but that probably won't happen just yet... I'm not perfect okay *tear* ... So anyway sorry about the back and forth with the POV 's I just had to get their side out. And I'm not getting any feed back I just really need to know whether or not I should even keep going cause I kinda feel it's not worth it but if you tell me whether it's good or not I will know but I did get two fav's and I thank those people I will announce their names and just so you guys know that contest is still up I would love it if you advertised my story and PLEASE tell your friends on movellas it would mean the PLANET to me I would like & favorite all of your stories and like be your best fan and support you always NO MATTER WHAT




P.S. I love you all for reading this hahahaha







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