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Hey! I'm Veronica I'm 17 and have two sister Fatima (18 yrs) and Marixa (9 yrs). Out mom is addicted to drugs and our dad is a killer. He left nine years ago. We think he's after us. Our life is pretty messed up. That's why we ran away to London. We lives in the USA. We went to a 1D concert and met the boys. I think I'm falling for Harry...I think he's falling for me...I think Fatima is falling for Niall...I think he's falling for her.... Will anything happen between me and Harry?? How about Fatima and Niall?? Read on to find out!!


11. The Date

Veronica's POV

I was sleeping and then I woke up to find no harry. I heard him and niall's laughing down stairs. Since he was busy, I decided to get ready for our date. I grabbed some pink pumps, a tight pink dress with a bow around the waist, and some pink flower earrings. Then I got out some pink nail polish and some mustache stickers. I set them all down on my counter on the bathroom and took a nice long hot shower. After I was done I dried off and slipped some sweats and a t-shirt on as I dried my hair because I didn't want my clothes to get wet. After I was done drying my hair, I put on my tight pink dress. Then I added my earrings. Before I put on my shoes, I did my make-up then curled my hair. I bobby pinned a little bit of it so it stayed in place and looked nice. Then I put on some light pink eye shadow with some blush and lip balm. I looked in the mirror satisfied with myself and slipped on my pumps. I ran down stairs and saw Niall and Harry watching YouTube fails and laughing. "Ehem." I cleared my throat so they'd notice I was there. Niall paused the show and they both turned around and saw me. "You look hot!" Niall winked at me. Harry sent him a death glare and Fatima playfully punched his chest. "Only kidding." He laughed. "But you do look nice." He said nicely. I giggled and thanked him. Harry got up. He was wearing sexy jeans, nice shoes, and the shirt I gave him. He looked sexy. "You look sexy baby." I said as he got closer. "Veronica. You look sexy and beautiful and stunning. There's so many words to describe you in😍" he said sweetly. I giggled. "Thank you....but I bet I'll look even better tonight." I winked at him. His eyes widened and a small excited smile was plastered on his face. When no one was looking I grabbed him by his...yeah ya know, and squeezed. He closed his eyes tightly trying to keep his moans in. I laughed and let go. "Stop that!" He yelled whispered at me. "you know I can't last very long!" I thought it was cute when he got angry. I smiled and giggled. "oh and by the way...nice BULDGE." I said with a smirk and walked off with him standing there speech less. I laughed hard in my head because of how easy it was to turn him on. Just put a tight dress on and your good to go girls. But back off my man. Anyway, I dat down next to Liam and Lexi. They were kissing. "Omg! Guys! My sister is right there! And I didn't know you two were hooking up!" I said with a giggle. They stopped and blushed. "Sorry Marixa." She looked up. "Sorry for what?" She asked. "Oh. Nothing." She said. Marixa went back to playing with dolls and Lexi looked back at me. She grabbed Liam's hand and intertwined it with hers. "Yup. Were together." She smiled. "I'm so happy for you!" I gave them big hugs and walked over to Niall and Fatima. Niall winked at me. I playfully pushed him. I guess he wasn't expecting it and it was kinda hard because he fell off the couch. I giggled and helped him up. Harry walked in. "Are we ready to go?" He asked me. I nodded my head got up and linked arms with Harry. "Bye! Have fun you two!" Lexi said. I said good bye to everyone then walked out the door. As I was about to open the car door harry taxed in front of me and opened it for me. "Why thank you sir." I said fancy like. "My pleasure ma'am." He said. I giggled and said, "not as much as you'll get tonight." I laughed and he shut the door. When we arrived he opened the door for me just like he did when we left. "Where are we?" I asked. "Well, were going to the movies, then to dinner, then the pond, then the park, then for ice cream, and last but setts only not place." He said with a smirk. I smiled at him and follows him inside. "What movie are we watching?" I asked. "Let's Be Cops. Is that ok?" He asked me. "Of course." I smile. "What's it about?" I ask him. "It's bout these two guys who pretend to be cops to get the ladies. It's supposed to be really funny." I nod my head in agreement and we go in to watch the movie. As we watch it we laugh together. At one part it was really funny and we started laughing even though we were the only ones laughing at that part. We laughed really loud and everyone gave us weird looks. We have them silly looks back like... 😜😋😬😏🙈💁🙆 it surprised them because I guess no one has stood up to them like that before. A snuggled up to him half way through the movie and almost feel asleep. He shook me and said, "c'mon it's almost over. Don't fall asleep please!" He begged. I giggled and nodded. After it was over we both walked out of the movie theaters laughing our asses off. "Omg did you see that guy when he was like, 'what the fuck?'!" I laughed. He laughed at how I said it because the voice I did was spot on. He opened the door for me once more and I got in. We drove to 'The Rose' and were seated by a good looking man. Not as good looking as Harry of course😏. He saw him checking me out while I was reading the menu and then he looked at Harry who growled at him and stepped on his foot under the table. The boy yelped and ran off to the kitchen. Out came a different waiter. Or should I say...waitress. "Hi how may I-" she stopped. "Harry?!" She asked. "Yes? May I help you?" He asked. She looked very sluty. She had bitty shorts on, with a red work shirt and her hair was in a messy bun and she has a face full of make-up on. "Shelly Myers! From high school!" She told him. His eyes widened as he smiled at her. "Oh! Hey Shelly!" He stood up and have her a hug. She leaned in for a kiss but he backed away. I glares at her as she noticed I was sitting there. "What's wrong? And who's this?" She asked rudely. "I could ask you the same thing bitch." I said back harshly. "Well for your information ugliness, I am Harry's ex girl friend. And you are?" She asked. I smirked and stood up confidently and proudly. "I am Harry's CURRENT girl friend." I said proudly. "Wow Harry. Your taste has plummeted." I slapped her and walked out of the restaurant crying. Harry came running after me. "Baby! Baby don't listen to her she's full of shit. That's why I broke up with her. Plus she's a total whore." I giggled a bit while sniffling. "But she's right. I am ugly and I would understand if you broke up with me." He frowned at me. "I would never because I love you and your looks. Why do you think I am so excited to get home! I want to see the rest of you." He winked at me. "Your beautiful inside and out. And I want to explore your beauty." I smiled and we walked back to the car. "We can do ice cream before all of the pond and park." I smiled and nodded. We went to Dairy Delight. I got a warm fudge and Harry got the garbage can. It had gummy worms, vanilla ice cream, with fudge at the bottom and then some peanuts in the middle. He let me try a bite. It was pretty good. I fed his bite of mine to him like a baby while we sat on the swings. He sat on the swing and I sat on his lap. It was dark now. I think it was 9:00 now? But idk I was to busy paying attention to my lover. After we were done talking and swinging he pushed off and grabbed my waist as we flew in the air. He flipped in the air so I landed on him. "Veronica?" He asked. "Yes baby?" "Can we go home early?" He asked almost begging. As I was sitting on top of him I noticed his bulge below me. I smiled and nodded my head. His smile got even bigger. We had a make out session on the ground for a bit until we left. When we got there, in the living room was standing-

Dun dun dun!!!!! Lol read next chapter no find out. Also, I would like to say one thing before I go. In the next cheater is going to be some intense cussing, sex scenes, abuse, and death. So don't read unless your ok with ALL if that. Thanks! Love you munchkins!! Byee!! Muah! ;*

-In Love With Harry

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