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Hey! I'm Veronica I'm 17 and have two sister Fatima (18 yrs) and Marixa (9 yrs). Out mom is addicted to drugs and our dad is a killer. He left nine years ago. We think he's after us. Our life is pretty messed up. That's why we ran away to London. We lives in the USA. We went to a 1D concert and met the boys. I think I'm falling for Harry...I think he's falling for me...I think Fatima is falling for Niall...I think he's falling for her.... Will anything happen between me and Harry?? How about Fatima and Niall?? Read on to find out!!


1. My Family

Veronica's POV

"Mother?" I ask. "What do you want?" She says.

"I was wondering if I could go to a one direction concert next week with Lexi?" I asked. "Well..." "Oh please mother! One direction has taken over me and I really want to meet them!!" "I didn't say no! Shut up you little btich!" "Oh. Ok. Sorry mother. Go on please." "I guess that's fine. But I am not paying for anything and you better be safe! That means no drinking, no giving up your flower(wink wink), call me every day, and don't talk to strangers!" "Yes ma'am." I say with a nod. I run up stairs to call Lexi as I jump up and down.

V= Veronica

L= Lexi

L: Hello?

V: Omg! Hey! Guess what guess what!!! XD

L: What is it? -she says while giggling-

V: My mom said I can go!!! And I have to pay for everything though

L: who cares! I have 15,000$ were fine!

V: but I could never take money from you...

L: think of it as your birthday present :)

V: omg! Really?!!

L: yes :)


L: I have to go now. I'm packing. We leave tomorrow at 3 so you should so the same!

V: ok bye BFF!

L: byee!!

Veronica's POV:

Hangs up the phone. 'Omg. I love her she's so sweet. :)' I think to myself. I should tell my sisters I'll be gone for a while. I walk I to my sisters' room. Fatima is 18 and Marixa is 9. Soon to be 10. Fatima has long wavy black hair with dark brown eyes and is between tall and medium. Marixa has long black wavy hair and is short and has dark brown eyes. They both have tan skin. I have long black wavy hair with two streaks of brown, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. I'm tall but also short. So I'm in the middle. "Hey girls!" I say while walking in. "Hey Veronica." They say at the same time. "How would you girls like to run away to London with me?" I ask. Their eyes get really wide and they nod really fast. "Veronica come here!" She takes me to a closet and pulls out a hidden cabinet. In the cabinet is a jar. She pulls out the jar. "What's in there?" She opens it up. It's filled with hundreds maybe thousands of dollars. "Whoa how much is that?!" I ask. "Shhhh!! Mom doesn't know. You know how she will take it from me as quick as a snap of your fingers. It's 18,000$... Don't ask how I got it. I've been working at different places since I was 12. That's why I'm almost never home except for on the week ends." "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry Fatima!" "It's ok. Let's just pack up and sneak out tomorrow at 2:39 when mom takes her nap. She never does anything. She's taking drugs..." She says. "What?! How do you know?!" I ask. "Because she asked me if I wanted to smoke pot with her..." She says. I cover my mouth trying not to let out my gasp. "I'm so sorry. We need to get out of here because of mom and because we can't be here if dad shows up. C'mon let's get packing and get to bed. Night night sis." I say. "Good night." We hug and pack up. I take a shower get into my pajamas and go to sleep...peacefully thinking about London....

Hope you liked the first chappie!! Thanks for reading! Let's get this to 5 likes before I post another one! Thanks! Byee! Muah! Love you my little munchkins ;*

-In Love With Harry

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