Forever Changed


1. Prologue



He had it all money, a great job, friends, family, and a great girlfriend that he loved so much, but one day an accident ruined his happiness and it changed his life forever.



"Harry are you ready, we're going to be late," Katy said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.


"HAR-,"she yelled but couldn't finish.


"I am ready," Harry said pecking Katy on the lips.


"Then let's go come on," she said while taking his big hands into her smaller ones.


"Yea but let me change my shirt I don't like how this one looks on me becau-"


"HARRY," she whined


"I am kidding babe," he chuckled.


"Good because you look hot in that shirt," she said while adjusting his collar from his button up shirt.


"Yea," he smirked


"Yea," she smirked


"Mmm," he said, grabbing her by the waist pulling her closer to him.


"Well you look sexy in that dress," he said biting his lip.


There nose brushed with one another and he planted the most loving and passionate kiss on her lips because he knew that she was the one he wanted to be with forever.

He loved her more than anything.

And she felt the same.




His phone buzzed indicating he had a new text message and making them stop there kiss. As he pulled out his phone from his black jeans he noticed that the text was from one his best mate, Niall.


Where are you guys-- Naill, the message read



"We have to go we're going to be late," he said.

Katy couldn't help and think "didn't i say that" but instead of saying anything she followed Harry into the car.


Once the party was over they decided on heading back home.

"Are you sure you can drive, I can drive I don't mind," Katy said uncertain if Harry should drive drunk.


"Yes Katy I can drive now get in the car," he slurred.


Katy did want to argue with Harry so she obeyed him.

The car ride was a  comfortable silence as "Kiss Me" by Ed Sheeran played.

Harry couldn't help notice how Katy sang parts of the song and hummed the other parts and how her eyed shined making her look even more gorgeous. 


"What," she said once she noticed he was staring at her.


"I am falling for your eyes," Harry sang


Katy could feel a small blush creep to her cheeks.

"Thanks," she said 


Harry just smiled and focused on the road as his vision got blurry. He just shook his head hoping it would fade away and making his curls bounce.


"I love you Katy," he said turning and facing her and she faced him.


"And I love you Harry,"she said giving him a quick peck on the lips and turning her attention back to the road but when she did she was blinded with a yellow light.



But it was too late the big white truck had already hit his car.


And on that day. On that night. On that accident. Harry lost what he most loved in the world not only was he paralyzed from his legs he had to be on a wheel chair forever because the doctors said there was a slight chance he would ever walk again.

And he blamed himself for everything.


How he is paralyzed.


How he lost her.


How she is gone.



And how that one person he loved was gone forever and how he was Forever Changed.




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