Forever Changed


2. Chapter One

Gemmas POV


Ever since that day of the accident Harry hasn't been the same. He's been more mean and rude towards everyone. The mansion is now so  lonely more quiet. The only people living here are Harry and I and some of his employees who are scared to death of him. I wish the accident had never happened because then I would still have my old brother the one that was nice, respectful, sweet and caring Harry but i am stuck with the monster thats developed in him and i don't like it i hate what he's become. A heartless monster.


"NOO," my thoughts were interrupted by Harrys' yells.


Harry has been having nightmares ever since the accident and he can't control them.

I glance at the clock next to my bed and it reads 2:56 am. I sigh as I quickly get out of bed and rush to the kitchen to get Harry water and his pill which calms him down.


Harry's POV




"Shhh Harry its okay," I hear Gemma whisper to me.


I pull myself up with my arms as my breathing increases and i am drenching in sweat. Its always the same I dream about the accident.


Gemma hands me a glass of water and my pill and I gulp them both down.


"Is it that nightmare again,"she asks while taking the empty glass from me.


"Why do you ask if you already know the fucken answer," I say giving her the coldest glare I could manage.


"Sorry," she says breaking eye contact with me.


"Get out," I say harshly


"But you hav-"


"I said get the fuck out Gemma," I interrupt her.


I see her roll her eyes but i don't say anything as she heads out.


As soon as I hear the door close I sigh. I feel my eyes closing so I let them and soon I am in a peaceful sleep. 



Sorry this is short but I have to update my other movellas and I also plan how the story will be so that takes a while but thanks for reading



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