Leaves of Lines [Poetry collection]

A compilation of my poetry ranging across the board. [I'm not depressed, by the way]

So far, these are all published as separate movellas, so you can either comment here on the whole, or if you want to leave comments on a specific poem, feel free to find that one in my list. Either way is fine with me! Photo cred: https://www.flickr.com/photos/109065142@N02/sets


20. Another's Shoes

Put yourself in another’s shoes

and try to walk a mile.

After you’ve walked as they have,

would you still bear that smile?


Life is not as it seems,

it’s not so black and white.

Do you still wonder why they don’t move,

why they don’t put up a fight?


Put yourself in another’s shoes,

and see things as they see

After you’ve seen things as they have,

are you who you wish to be?


You say things without thinking,

without knowing how deep it cuts,

Do you still wonder why so many

lose it and go nuts?


Try to hear as another hears,

and interpret things as they do.

Do the things you say come out right,

just like you want them to?


Do this thing, if you can 

and try to change your view.

Perhaps it’ll good for others,

and just as good for you.

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