Will He Love me? (Punk Harry Styles)

When Abby moves to Homes Chapel U.K. she would have never have thought she was going to be friends with the bad boy/player Harry Styles at her new school. Everybody tells her he's just bad news but she think's differently and also grows feeling for him later on. But will Harry stop being a player and love Abby the same way as she loves him?


3. packing

(Abby's pov)                *TUESDAY*

I was in my almost empty room packing to go too Homes Chapel, when my mom called me "Abby, Brooke and Katie are here!" "okay going!" I yelled. When I went down stairs I saw them in the empty living room "hey guys, whadd  up" "hey, we just wanted to come and help you" Brooke said "thanks guys, lets go upstairs to my room" I said to them. When we got to my room we started to pack up the last of my stuff. "Well that's the last of it" I said putting the last thing in the box " I cant't believe you're moving to Homes Chapel" Katie said "yea I don't want you to go Abby" Brooke said " I know, I don't want to go ether but I don't have  a choice" "do you think we can sleepover?" Katie asked out of the blue "yea do you think we can?" Brooke asked too " ummm I don't, let's go ask my mom". When we went down stairs I saw my mom in the Kitchen packing the last stuff  "hey mom" "hey honey, did you finish packing?" "yup" I said popping the p "good, so what did you need?" "can Brooke and Katie  sleepover, please!" I said giving her the puppy dog face. "I don't know Abby we have to finish packing the last of the stuff because we are leaving tomorrow and the moving people are coming tomorrow to get the last of it at six a clock in the morning" "we can help you Mrs. West" Katie said " yea we can, please!" Brooke said too " okay fine, you guys can have your sleepover but you have to finish" "YAY! thank you mom" I said hugging her "yea thank you Mrs. West " Brooke and Katie said and hugging my mom too. "Okay well finish the last of the kitchen and I will finish the last of my room and when you guys are done, Abby you can order food" my mom said and left. "Okay" I yelled as she went upstairs " well lets finish packing the rest of the kitchen". When we were finally done an hour later we decided to order Chinese food. While we waited for the food to arrive, we went up to my room to watch movies on Netflix on my laptop. When the food finally arrived we went back  to my room to eat and fell asleep with the laptop on.


sorry for the short chapter it'll get better later on in the story so please keep reading if you want! 

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