Will He Love me? (Punk Harry Styles)

When Abby moves to Homes Chapel U.K. she would have never have thought she was going to be friends with the bad boy/player Harry Styles at her new school. Everybody tells her he's just bad news but she think's differently and also grows feeling for him later on. But will Harry stop being a player and love Abby the same way as she loves him?


5. Homes Chapel

 (Abby's pov)                        *SAME DAY*

When we finally arrived in Homes Chapel,  it took us two flights to get here but finally we are here and let me tell you I hate it. "Kids this is are new home " my mom said as the cab driver pulled up to the driveway  "thank you" my mom said as she paid the guy " okay your guys stuff is in your rooms already" she said as she opened the door. Right as she opened door, I went to explore the new house cause one I did't want to see my room yet. When I started walking around the house, all I saw so far was the living room , basement that kind looked like a dance studio, 
bathroom downstairs, kitchen,  and the backyard. When I was done exploring the whole place I finally went to look at my room. When I got in my room I saw that it was painted already to my favorite color and that all my stuff was in there so I stared to unpack."So what do you think of the new house so far Abby?" my mom asked as she entered my new room " I hate it, I like L.A better" I said putting away my clothes in the closet "give this place a chance honey, you never know you might like it" she said while sitting on my bed " fine I will" I said giving in a little   "good , oh you and James have school tomorrow" she said getting up and going to the door "ugh we do" "yes you do so finish up unpacking and go downstairs to eat something and then go to sleep for school" she said as she left my room. UGH! this sucks I just got here and I have school already tomorrow, why does life hate me. Three hours  later I was finally finished unpacking and I got to say I like what I did to my room. When I went downstairs to the kitchen I saw my brother eating pizza "hey" I said as I went for the pizza box "hey did you finish unpacking" he asked "yup" I said popping the "did you finish?" "yea I finished unpacking" he said getting up and putting his plate in the sink "did mom tell you that we have school tomorrow?" I asked as I put my pizza in the microwave "yea she did when she went to my room, why" he said "oh, just wondering" "don't worry Abby things will get better" he said as he saw my face get sad  and with that he left upstairs. When I was left alone in the kitchen I grabbed my pizza out of the microwave once it was done and went upstairs to my room too eat my pizza in there and watch TV.  When I got in my room I changed into my pj's, when I was done changing I sat on my bed and ate my pizza while watching Awkward on MTV. Once I was done with my pizza it was already 10 pm so I decided to turn of  the TV and go to sleep since I had school tomorrow and didn't plan on waking up tired . 



Sorry for the short chapter it will get better later on in the story so please keep reading if you want!

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