Allie lived under a rock until she found out about Austin Mahone. What is her reactions like? Does she like Austin? Is he like other pop sensation that she has heard of? Read Obsessed


1. Chapter 1

Allie's POV:

I woke today with the rain hitting on the glass window. It was coming down pretty hard and I heard footsteps coming towards my room. I knew that I was meant to be awake earlier.

What is my step-dad going to do to me ? I tried to open my window but it was all locked. He came in drunk and pulling me outside to clean up the kitchen.

I have aloud been terrified of my step dad he has done the most crucial things to me and it all happened after my mum passed away and my brother and sister either moved out it went to a boarding school.

If you saw me, I would be covered in scars and marks all over my arms. I was also bleeding but my step dad didn't care all he did was hit me and treat me like dirt.

He came up to me, drunk like most mornings but this was different as he was forcing me to leave the house. I asked him why and he told me when I turned 16 that I had to leave.

I was scared, terrified, relieved because now I had to find somewhere to live.

All I did was walk and walk till I found a quite park and a place to sit and sleep when it was time.

Then all a sudden I saw a tallish, brown haired boy, 18 year old I think. I just sat there with my head down not observing anything but crying. I hate my life and I wish my mum was still there telling me what to do.

Why did she have to marry this crazy drunk guy and why did my brother and sister leave me? I want my life to go back to how it was.

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