The Big Book of Dragons

This is the Big Book of Dragons! The very book you need if you want to know all the dragons to know of!

Madouc and Secrets try to write about as many dragons as they possibly can, giving their names, their habits and behaviour, their environment; etcetera. All the dragons maybe from games, films, books or other forms of media, but these dragons certainly exist!

But perhaps if you have made and drawn your own dragon, then tell us about it and it shall become part of our guide!


17. 16 - Ran and Shaw

Ran and Shaw

Avatar: The Last Airbender



Very large.


Ran and Shaw are great and powerful creatures, and the last of the dragons. They are blue and red in colour, and great masters and teachers of firebending, they live in the ancient city of the Sun Warriors. They teach the life-giving qualities of firebending to those they deem worthy, and incinerate those they don’t.


Ran and Shaw can perform the sacred multi-coloured flame that teaches the art of fire-bending. Their weapons of choice are their claws, teeth and fire.

How to kill:

Please don’t kill these wonderful creatures. They are, after all, the last of the dragons, and it would be truly terrible for the likes of them to be wiped from the world.


If you ever meet these wonderful creatures, and they teach you the Dancing Dragon, then you have been truly honoured, and hold my everlasting respect.



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