The Big Book of Dragons

This is the Big Book of Dragons! The very book you need if you want to know all the dragons to know of!

Madouc and Secrets try to write about as many dragons as they possibly can, giving their names, their habits and behaviour, their environment; etcetera. All the dragons maybe from games, films, books or other forms of media, but these dragons certainly exist!

But perhaps if you have made and drawn your own dragon, then tell us about it and it shall become part of our guide!


11. 10 - The Alatreon

The Alatreon
Monster Hunter Tri

The abomination stands about 6m tall with its head raised high. Its length is roughly 15m and wingspan is also. It is not too big, but do not let this fool you for one second. Not one bit.

Sometimes referred to as the "Blazing Black Dragon", the creature is far beyond our understanding of all dragons. The creature is hugely territorial and so anyone or anything who steps in its volcanic habitat, it shall rip it apart on sight. It is constantly competing with other creatures of the volcano, yet it always comes out on top; Top of the Food Chain.  In fact, it has been said it is a close relative to the Kushala Daora, a dragon we have previously viewed, but with far greater power.

The reason this dragon is still under research and scratches the heads of many dragon experts, is because the beast controls four elements and is said to be 'elementally unstable'. No known dragon is known to hold the same abilities as this dragon does. It controls fire, lightning, dragon attribute and even ice. This strange creature is a brutal machine that controls these four elements to its will, and with a specific order. When it is airborne, it controls ice and thunder, when on the ground, it controls fire and dragon. No one is sure why this occurrence is present, yet we are lead to believe that the animal does control these elements with its horns. (Or as some like to call them, its 'Crown'.) 
The Alatreon makes all of us dragon experts wonder, and it was only recently discovered when an explorer in the volcanic lands reported its sighting.

How to kill:
Since we do not know if this monster is a threat to our well-being, it is not recommended to go after the creature until we have done more research. But if you are willing to go after it for its hide or horns, then they must be taken to a dragon research centre immediately; you will be paid a hell of a lot of gold. Enough to make your life's dreams come true.
The only recommendation we have for you to take this beast down, is to aim for the horns and you may live. Kill it, you must inform dragon experts at once and report the body is ripe for research.

If you go after the Alatreon, we thank you so and we hope to you the best of luck!
For more information is needed about this monstrosity.

- Aldrin Shadownight

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