Outside - h.s

Things weren't suppose to go this way, things were meant to go back to the way they use to be, but nothing was the same any more. The world has changed. The world that we used to know, the green grass, the blue skies, the white fluffy clouds. They were all gone. Ever since 'it' happened, things haven't been the same. There wasn't any more green grass, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, all that filled this dreadful world was the red sky and the things that rule the world outside the wall.


5. Chapter 4

Dakota groaned as she tried moving her wrists around, trying to get free from the ropes that hold her down against the chair. She wanted nothing more then to go home. She wanted to see her father even if he didnt look into her eyes before mum died. Tears swelled up in her eyes as she thought about her mother and father, a loud heartbreaking sob escaped her mouth as tears rushed down her face, she sat there on the hard wooden chair for what seemed like hours as she bawled, her loud sobs turned to screams.

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO HOME! YOU STUPID FILTHY MOTHERFUCKER! LET ME GO" She screamed thrashing around in the chair, trying to get out of it. The ropes around her body tightened causing her to gasp violently, she couldnt breathe, she knew she was having a panic attack, she needed to get the ropes off her body, she tried to control her breathing, her wrists were red from the rope rubbing against them every time she tried moving them. 

She sat in the chair panting loudly. The deep, dark loud voice she had heard before from that demon had once again spoken.

"You done yet?" It laughed as it came out of the shadows of the room, Dakota looked up from her lap, glaring at her, her eyes turning to slits, he laughed darkly at her reaction before glaring at her back, his eyes going full back. 

"Let me go." She gritted her teeth as she forced the words out of her mouth, she didnt want to talk to this creature. The end of his lips tilted up turning into a smirk as he kept staring at her. She impatiently screamed.

"LET ME GO YOU FREAK!" She screamed out thrashing against the ropes once again, she breathed heavily as the thing kept staring at her.

"No." He answered short causing her to death glare him harder then before why? why cant it let me go? Why did he answer no? I will get out of here. I wont stop even if i get killed. I will get out of this place. 

"Let. Me Go." It shook it's head still smirking at her as it watched her thrash around trying to get out of the chair. 

"You don't always get what you want" It smirked again staring at her before slowly walking back into the dark. She watched the creature walk back about to disappear into the shadows again while her eyes went wide "LET ME OUT NOW!!" She screamed loudly.

"Don't be too loud. They will hear" She heard it say, she watched as it put it's index finger to it's lips before making the sound "shhhhh" before it disappeared into the shadows. 

Steven opened up the door calling out ally's name but she didnt appear infront of her like she had always done everytime he came back to the house. He furrowed his eyes, he walked up stairs and towards Ally's room. He opened the door slowly, looking inside to see that she was sleeping. He smiled at her before closing the door shut. He sighed rubbing his right hand over his face. 

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