Outside - h.s

Things weren't suppose to go this way, things were meant to go back to the way they use to be, but nothing was the same any more. The world has changed. The world that we used to know, the green grass, the blue skies, the white fluffy clouds. They were all gone. Ever since 'it' happened, things haven't been the same. There wasn't any more green grass, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, all that filled this dreadful world was the red sky and the things that rule the world outside the wall.


3. Chapter 2

By night fall, the night sky was filled with red from the flames on the other side of the wall. Ally hadn't come out of her room ever since our time on the couch. I opened the front door walking outside closing it quietly, I felt the cold breeze flew against my body causing goosebumps to arise on my arms and legs as a shiver went down my spine, I looked up at the light pole and breathed out watching in amazement as my breath became visible for that tiny second.

I had always loved winter, it was my favourite season, it reminded me of the memories I had with my mum, waking up very early to chuck snow balls at one another, then we would grab alot of snow, putting it all in a bucket then dumping it on dad. Those days were the best. Those were the days when dad had smiled, those were the days where everything was good and we didn't have to worry about the creatures that rose from the grounds and took over this world. 

My dad was only the last few scientist left in this world, I never got to see dad much anymore as he gets pulled out of the house alot to go work with the army to try and figure out how to fight back. To try take back our land. It was okay that I never got to see him much even though it hurts when he never looks at me while talking to me, I guess I remind him of mum.

I sighed looking up at the night sky, there in the dark sky laid one small star. I smiled up at the lonely star, I always thought that, that star was mum, it was the only star that appeared every night. It twinkled every time I looked up at it, like it was twinkling now. I looked towards the wall seeing the red glow over the wall. It was a bright crimson colour with a hint of orange and yellow probably from the flames that climbed higher as more destruction came.

I continued walking, I didn't know where I was going, I just needed to get out of the house, get away from ally, she needed space I could tell so I gave it to her. I pressed the button on the street pole waiting for the red stop guy to go green. I felt the ground start to shake a bit, I looked to the right to see a massive tank coming towards me, my eyes widen, I backed away from the light pole quickly, watching as it went past followed by a whole lot of men in army gear and army uniforms.

I stood there for a good ten minutes and more people were still walking past the street when I saw my dad. In an army uniform talking to who looked like the commander. I furrowed my eyes in confusion what was he doing? yeah I knew he worked with them but he never wore the uniform before? I walked over to where my dad was on the other side of the road

"dad" I said loudly getting his attention, he looked at me then looked down answering me "yeah?" he asked quietly, the man next to him look at him confused, I guess as to why he wasn't looking at me in the eye. I shook my head a bit at the man, he seemed to get the answer as he looked away, I looked back at my dad well his head anyways 

"Dad why are you in a uniform? I knew you worked for them but...." I stopped waiting for his answer, I watched him as he placed his hand on the back of his neck scratching there for a bit. 

"Well.. um.." I watched dad struggle with his words

"Well Hun, they needed more people on the army..." he slowly said, my eyes widen at what he had just said, he joined the army. I felt myself get tearing, I waited for the tears to fall but they never did. 

"But... why dad? why did you join the army?" I questioned even though I knew the answer, why would he do this? why would he even think about doing this? he used to hate the army but now he is joining them? I felt my head hurt, too many questions swarming my head and to little answers. I shook my head and turned to walk away when I heard three words that I never thought would escape my fathers mouth

"I love you" I pretended I didn't hear them, even though I knew I did.

"I love you too" I whispered back walking back down the pathway I had just walked up, walking away from my father. The cold wind blew against my body unexpectedly causing me to lose balance a bit, I stumbled for a bit before getting my balance back. I shiver as the weather got colder but I didn't care, I couldn't go back to the house because Ally would be there and I'm sure she would probably still want some space. I looked around the street to see if anyone was looking behind I quickly went hid in a alley way that led to the wall.

The wall was the only place I knew no one would find me. I walked through the dark alleyway cuddling into my black soft jumper that was protecting my first half of my body from the cold. I felt a small shiver go down my spine and the small hairs on my neck stand up when I felt someone was watching me, I looked behind me to see if anyone was following me, when the coast was clear I carried on.

I looked down at the ground seeing the ladder that fell was right near me, I bent down picking it up. I carried it right next to the wall and put it up against the wall, I made sure it was stable before I started climbing up till I reached the top of the ladder, I reached my hand out grabbing the little ledge on the wall and pulled myself up, it came to a hall way that led to these wooden stairs and up on top of the wall. I sat down on the wall dangling my legs off it as I looked up at the sky watching as my mum's star twinkled.

I looked at all the destruction, all the flames that have been growing higher and higher, it was some-what beautiful in a way. I cant explain it but it did. I sat on the wall for a couple hours staring out into the distance. Imagine if you sat up here when the sun rose and there was no destruction anywhere.

It would've been so beautiful to watch, I stood up reading to go back when I felt hands on my back as I got shoved off the wall, my eyes went wide as I screamed loudly as I was falling down, my body slammed to the ground, my bones felt like they were on fire and being smashed with a hammer, I tried to keep my eyes open but the pain that was going through my body was too much to handle that I couldn't keep my eyes open at all.

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