Outside - h.s

Things weren't suppose to go this way, things were meant to go back to the way they use to be, but nothing was the same any more. The world has changed. The world that we used to know, the green grass, the blue skies, the white fluffy clouds. They were all gone. Ever since 'it' happened, things haven't been the same. There wasn't any more green grass, blue skies, white fluffy clouds, all that filled this dreadful world was the red sky and the things that rule the world outside the wall.


2. Chapter 1

Screams. Shouts. People running. I looked around in sorta like a slow motion pace. People with black filled eyes ran towards me. Demons. I tried to run but I couldn't, my feet felt like they were stuck to the ground, I tried to scream but nothing came out. I watched frantically as people screamed as those things tackled them down to the ground biting their stomachs and smashing their skulls open onto the ground, blood splashing everywhere on the ground and blood dripping down the things mouths as they slowly turned their heads towards me, I shivered as they smiled creepily, I looked away from it to see another one sucking what seemed to be the life out of the lady. I shivered at the site, I looked up at the sky to see it was turning blood red

"DAKOTA!" I heard my mother's voice scream out, I searched around me to see my mother on the ground, a demon above her, his mouth open ready to take my mother's life. My eyes widen, I used every single once of strength in body and moved my leg trying to get over there in time

"NO!" I screamed reaching my hand out, my mother put her hand up in the air trying to reach me, the demon looked up at me, his green eyes staring at me as a big smirk appeared on his face, I glared at him trying to tell him not to do what I think he is about to do. He leaned down his brown curls covering his face, as he breathed in sucking my mothers life away right in front of me, tears that I tried to keep in my eyes finally fell as I watched my mother being taken away from me. Her life ending before my eyes.

She looked over at me tears also in her eyes, just as she let out her last breath she whispered "I love you" I screamed loudly.

I gasped shooting up from the bed, my skin full of sweat as I breathed heavily "it was just a dream" I repeated over and over trying to convince myself it was a dream. But I knew it wasn't, my mother was murdered, by a demon. I don't know why I have these dreams, they appear right before the day my mother was killed, I feel like its trying to tell me something, but I just cant figure out what. I sighed shoving my sheets off me, I felt a cool breeze push against my hot body causing me to smile a bit at the nice feeling it brought me, I looked over at my clock to see it was just fifteen minutes past 3 am, I groaned silently wishing I never woke up. I looked over at my window seeing it was open, I lifted an eyebrow staring at it with confusion, that wasn't open when I went to bed? I questioned in my head.

I got up from my bed walking over to the window, looking out it when I felt something staring at me, I put my head out of the window to check when I saw it. A demon, staring at me from near the wall. I wasn't far from the wall, I was actually near the entrance, don't know why my father put us near it but he did. It's eyes. They're green! I stared at the thing wide-eyed, I swear I saw those eyes in my dream. I closed my eyes shaking my head I must be going crazy, I opened my eyes back up and stared back up at where the demon is but it was not there, I looked around the wall trying to see where it went but i couldn't see it. I closed the windows up and walked back to my bed laying down on it.

You think that the demon could've flew over the wall right? Well wrong, because my father and a few scientist figured something like this would happen. So they built a 'shield' around the wall to stop the demons coming in. Honestly I wish nothing like this happened, I wish things went back to the way they were but I know it cant so I hold onto the hope I've got for things to get better.  I rubbed my face sighing "I miss you mum" I whispered before I fell asleep.

I sat criss cross on top of the wall staring out at the burning city, screams were heard, I watched as flames rose in different parts of the city outside, this wall was the last thing that protect us. That protected us humans from extinction. Everyone here behind the wall including me are probably the only humans left on the planet, everyone behind this wall, out there in their land are probably trying to survive or are dying right now, or being chased or are already dead. I don't want to know what happens once they've run out of flesh and souls to eat off. I shivered at the thought, why did I think of that?

I looked down the wall seeing how high and how big of a drop that would be if you fell off. I saw something in the corner of my eye that took my attention, my eyes widen as I watched a demon rip apart a small girl's body, I felt a tear drip down as I heard the small girl scream before she went quiet, I put my hand over my mouth as I gasped which it must've heard as it face directly towards me, I looked straight into it's eyes seeing the evil glint in its eyes. I stared at it wide-eyed as it stood up and opened it's mouth.

It released a enormous groan like scream, I covered my ears trying to block out the sound coming from it's mouth, what was it doing? I thought before I realized what it was doing. I watched as a massive number of demons approached the wall staring up at me with the same evil glint that's in that demon's eye. They started to float towards me. Fast. My eyes widen they were coming after me!! I thought frantically, I ran towards the ladder i had used to climb up when a huge gust of wind blew making it fall down, I reached my hand out trying to get it but couldn't, I watched it fall to the ground with a big bang.

I looked behind me to see the demon's right behind me, I looked in the corner of my eye to see a path way leading down some stairs, I looked back at the pack of demon's, I got up running towards the pathway as fast as I can, I looked behind me to see the demon's mad while they chased me, I ran faster, running down the stairs till I reached the bottom of the stairs, I bent over putting my hands on my knees as I breathed heavily.

The sirens started going off and that's when I took off towards my house. I ran around the house and onto the streets trying to get away from the wall as soon as possible. I looked around the street seeing mothers and fathers with their children frantically running around, trying to get into the house as the sirens kept ringing over and over. It always happened when a pack of demons got to close to the wall, this had only happened several times though. 

As I walked home fast, i felt someone staring at me, i looked around the street seeing no one look at me, i looked behind me back up at the wall when I saw it. The demon that I saw out my window, staring at me again with the same smirk on his face as last night. I turned around hoping it would stop staring at me, I peeked around again as I saw it was still staring at me, it looked me right in the eye before disappearing. I turned around continuing to walk to the house, why does it keep staring at me?

I opened my door as Ally my housemaid who was hired by my dad rushed towards me frantically

"are you okay! Are you hurt? I heard the sirens what happened?" She rushed out, I laughed a little she was always protective of me, I was like a little sister to her and she was like a big sister I never had as i was an only child. I put my hands on her shoulder rubbing them trying to calm her down

"I am okay alright" I smiled, she took a deep breath and smiled back, I wrapped my arm around her dragging her towards the kitchen, she had just come from. I opened up the cupboard grabbing the jar of nutella, I threw it to Ally who caught it and put it on the counter, I closed the cupboard door and opened the fridge grabbing the butter. I grabbed it and chucked it at ally. I closed the fridge and walked over to ally, I opened up the nutella dipping a knife in and spreading it over the bread that was on the plate. When I finished the sandwich I gave it to ally then made my own. I put away the things and sat on the couch eating the sandwich in silence. I felt Ally stare at me, I looked over at her a eyebrow raised 

"what?" I asked eating the last of my sandwich, Ally sighed putting her plate on the table then looked back at me 

"What happened out there?" Ally asked me sternly, dammit! she always knew something was up, was I that obvious? I sighed too putting my plate on the table. I looked down at my hands 

"Last night.." I started looking at her "Last night, I had that dream" I continued, Ally nodded, she knew what dream I was referring too "Well,,, I woke up sweaty and I couldn't breathe, and after a few seconds I realized that there was a cold breeze so I threw off my blankets and looked towards the window and well it was open" I stopped before continuing " and I don't remember leaving it open anyways, I walked over to the window and as I was about to close it, I felt..." I stopped, Ally looked at me confused probably why I stopped, she nodded at me asking me to continue.

"I felt something... I felt something stare at me, and I was right, I looked towards the wall and a demon" i heard ally gasp "a demon was there, staring right at me, directly into my eyes" I looked at ally, her hand was over her mouth and her eyes were wide

"and today... I was up on the wall looking outside the wall and a demon saw me and let out a massive groan like scream and a massive group of demons came to it and saw me and they came after me.... I barely got away if it wasn't for the shield guarding this place and as I was rushing home, the demon that i saw outside my window it...it was staring at me with the same evil smirk on it's face and that's all" I finished I looked up from my hands and saw that ally had tears going down her face, I grabbed her and hugged her tightly.

I rubbed her back slowly up and down whispering"it's okay" in her ear repeating it over and over. Ally calmed down after a few moments before hugging me tightly again, I furrowed my eyebrows confused.

"Whats wrong ally?" I asked hugging her tightly, Ally didn't answer so we kept hugging when she pulled back she stared into my eyes "I just..." she paused

"Never mind" she finished getting up without another word and walked out of the room, me staring at her in confusion as she left the room. I waited on the couch till i heard a door from upstairs slam. What was that all about? I shook my head, it's probably nothing I thought. I grabbed the TV remote and turned on the TV, watching dvd's for the rest of the day. It's a hard life now, it use to be very easy, everything used to have colour like green grass, white clouds, the bright yellow sun, the blue sea, the cool breeze against our skin. Now it's crumbling brown grass, no more white clouds, if there was ever clouds in the sky, they wouldn't be the white clouds you use to see in the bright sky. Now they are just dull, grey coloured things that float in the now crimson coloured sky. The wall that was built around what seems like the last city on the planet is our only hope to survival that and the shield that surrounds the wall. 

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