Z0MB1EZ: Undead Is No Trend

After getting bitten by what she thought was a crazy kid, her life turns underground. Lead by a new friend into a secret hide-out within the cemetery, she arrives as a new student of Zombi High as, Zee Flesh-Eater.


10. Undead Is No Trend

Strapped to a bed with needles piercing my skin, the doctors ran tests with every vile of blood they took, trying to find a cure of this unknown disease.

So far they found that my blood is dead, and I shouldn't be alive. They thought of this as some sort of odd miracle. I am a reanimated corpse.

The doctor said, "Look at this. See how they eat the living red blood cells, replacing them with the infected green ones? It turns out this girl's already dead."

Red lights flashed in alarm. All the doctors evacuated the room to catch an escaped patient. As I remained lying still with nowhere to go, the door opens, and to my surprise, Headmistress Wilt, Zen, Zellia, Zoe, and a few more others who offered to help, came to my rescue.

Headmistress Wilt unstrapped me from the bed, "You came, but how?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face. She pulls out something from her pocket, "Spare key."

I asked again, "How did you know where I was?" She pointed, "Zellia tracked you down."

As I sat up smiling, Zellia asks, "Where's the other key you took?"

I replied, "In a tub."

"Come on, we have to get it before they come back!"

We snuck into the office and searched, "I don't see it here!" I panicked until I saw it, "Found it!"

Headmistress Wilt takes it into her pocket, "Ok, come on!"

I stopped, "Wait, my blood!" I hurried back to take all the tubes they took of my blood, even the slider under the microscope.

We escaped out the back door. Headmistress Wilt took all the tubes and slider my blood, "We have to burn these. It's the only way to be certain they can't get their hands on them, plus nothing else gets infected."

"Where are we to get a match or a lighter from?" I asked.

Zellia snapped her fingers, "I know."

She wore a hood over her head and approached a man smoking a cigarette, "Hey mister, do you have a light?"

He looked down at her, "What do you need one for?"

 "To make a fire, I'm cold... I have nothing else."

He pulled a lighter out from his pocket, "Ok. Bring this right back, and no funny business."

"Thank you." She hurried back with the lighter in her hand as she pulled off the hood, "Got it!"

It won't burn easily like a match, but we threw the items in with sticks and torn up cardboard in empty barrel of fire.

I looked to Headmistress Wilt staring into the flames, "It's been a long time since I saw an actual fire burning in front of my eyes. Zee, what you did tonight was very dangerous. You could've been killed, experimented, exposed to the public as a reanimated corpse, like what they see in films is true, we zombies exist. Why did you what you did?"

I looked down, "I wanted to call my mum to say goodbye, to let her know I'm alright... I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry..."

Her hand placed on my shoulder, "I know how it feels, to want to go back and live as a normal person again. We can't have that life we once had. There is no cure for this. Believe me."

I nodded, "Ok."

We arrived back into the cemetery, entering through the marble door one by one. I am never to see this world again, the world I once was a part of. It's far behind me now, just like Headmistress Wilt said. I may not be a human, but I am alive. I'm a zombie, and proud to be. A new motto for our school will be; Undead Is No Trend.

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