Z0MB1EZ: Undead Is No Trend

After getting bitten by what she thought was a crazy kid, her life turns underground. Lead by a new friend into a secret hide-out within the cemetery, she arrives as a new student of Zombi High as, Zee Flesh-Eater.


8. Sneaking Back

Pacing the room where I should be getting some sleep... how can zombies sleep? Not one film have I seen, a zombie has ever sleeping. Maybe here, it's different. Everything I know about zombies isn't the same. Not all have lost a limb, decomposed, having half their faces torn off, groaning and moaning at the drag of their feet.

Every one of them holds at least one characteristic of a zombie. Some look just as normal as me, except the colour of the skin, and the sheer white eyes, under all that, I'm still me, I'm still what I am as a living human being.

The nurse's brains popping out from her skull made me cringe at the thought. I never felt so guilty in my life. I can never go back and face what I've done.

Mum is probably freaking out, and the police are chasing the streets in search for a missing, insane, diseased, 16 year old girl with long brown hair, at the verge of munching on people's brains.

Mum's got to know I'm alright; she'll go ballistic if she doesn't. I can make a quick trip and let her know - no! She can't see me like this! I know! I can call home on a pay-phone.

I searched through my old clothes to find my wallet, "Good. Money's in there."

Zen could sneak the key back from Headmistress Wilt, but I can't ask him to do that. I don't want to put him in all kinds of trouble. Even if I asked he'll probably refuse anyway.

The office is locked. I have no way of getting in without a key. Zen must know where the Headmistress puts it.

I went up to his room and asked, "Zen, I don't want you to be in any way part of this, but I need your assistance."

He looked down and offered to help. We went up the hall, upstairs to the bedroom where a large coffin sat. He snuck in first to reach the key in her drawer.

As he carefully opened it, the coffin creaked. He stopped. I watched by as nothing else appears to happen.

He held up the key. He didn't seem to want to give it to me. Until he dropped it in my hand I said, "I'm sorry I asked you to do this. I didn't think you'd help me." He looked back up at me and took out his note pad to write; 'I wanted to.'

I unlocked the door to the office and snuck in. Zen stood by. I searched through the desk to find the key. I can't seem to find anything but papers.

Hands grabbed over mine and I looked up to Zen. He took me to the back wall and opened the cabinet to search it.

After taking the key, we went to leave out the door which leads us through the tunnel. We took a stop, "Zen... I think you should stay here. I'll just be gone for a minute, and I will be right back. I swear."

He looked down at the key in his hand. I saw the look in his eyes, he doesn't want me to go alone, but he handed me the key anyway, "Thank you." I jogged ahead up the tunnel as he stayed behind, and waited.

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