Z0MB1EZ: Undead Is No Trend

After getting bitten by what she thought was a crazy kid, her life turns underground. Lead by a new friend into a secret hide-out within the cemetery, she arrives as a new student of Zombi High as, Zee Flesh-Eater.


5. Enrolled

A lady, in pale purple skin, dressed in a suit, hair in a black and brown messy bun, arrived at the top of the balcony.

The music tuned to low volume, "Welcome all," she announced, everyone looked up, "boys and girls, new and old. I am Headmistress Wilt, and I spent my years building this school with the help of your teachers. We designed a logo, and raised enough coin to purchase uniforms for you all!"

The teachers placed piles and piles of uniforms on the bench, "We'll mark each of you by name one at a time, after you'll receive your uniform, you'll be given new class schedules!"

Each teacher called names out by the roll. Every student's name started with a Z, but their surnames were even stranger.

When I heard, Zen Bites, his hand slipped out of mine, walking through to get his uniform and schedule. I'm left standing alone as everyone crowded around, one name at a time. The headmistress announced once everyone settled down, "Thank you all for attending Zombi High!"

After all the students shuffled away to the stairs, The Headmistress looks down at me and points, "You there. You're not from here. Come forward."

I stepped up like she asked. The Headmistress walked down the stairs, "It appears one of my students got to you before enrolment, but we can squeeze you in."

"Do... all your students bite people to become like them?" I asked.

She shook her head, "Only the lucky ones, dear. Those who survive just one bite, end up dead like us. We stay down here, hidden from being exposed. The one, who did this to you, needs a serious talk about the rules around here."

I turn to Zen who appears to be standing there. Headmistress Wilt asked him to come, "Zen Bites, you know well never to leave this place without supervision, nor permission. Give me the key." She opens her hand.

His pulls it from his pocket and drops it in her hand, "Thank you." She looks back to me, "I'd like both of you to come with me to my office."

I sat in the chair as Zen stood by. Headmistress Wilt has an odd looking office, a plastic brain on a stick, which turns out to be a pen, my mistake.

Her fingers laced together on the desk, "You may know, the old life you lived is far behind you now."

"You mean I can't go back?"

"You can never see your family and friends. No living person above underground. You're safest here, and as for your name, a new one will be assigned to you."

She pulls out a little box, "Every one of us has a first name beginning with Z. You may choose one from the box."

Looking down at the folded papers in the box, I looked back up at her, "Actually, I'd like to choose my own." She listened. "I want my name to be Zee."

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