One Direction imagines.

One direction imagines. Comment to get a special imagine of your like. Or to get one made up with you with one of the boys


1. first date

Liam: Liam appears at your door at 8:00 pm sharp. You smile as you open the door to him. He chuckles and holds out his arm for you to take and you do. It is your first date with Liam and your buzzing and can't wait to see what he has in store. You think you're taking the car and you look at him confused as you walk past it. "Where are we going?" You ask tugging on his arm. "A walk around the park." He answers looking at you smiling. "That's all?" You ask furrowing your eyebrows together. "Do you think I'm that stupid love?" He laughs. "I had the boys set up a picnic for us. And we shall eat under the stars." You smile at the idea and imagine it. It's one of the most romantic things you can think of. Later on you're sitting on a checked blanket with sandwiches in front of you and your nibbling on yours slowly. Once you finally finish you and liam both lie down looking up. "Y/n" liam whispers "yea?" You mumble drawing pictures with the stairs with your finger. "I love you, Y/N" you look over at him eyes wide. "Liam." You start. "No I do Y/N I've had my eyes on you for like forever." You smile widely. "I love you to li." You giggle and kiss him pationately .

Louis: "we're going to the carnival!" Louis shouts excited once you ask what you're doing. You giggle as he grabs your arm and drags you to his car practically throwing you inside and running over to his. You roll your eyes and buckle in. In 10 minutes louis is running out of the car and grabbing you with him. "So what we going on first?" You ask. He grins and drags you towards the crazy frog and yous climb into it. Soon you start bouncing about in it and waving your hands about it the air. "Igi igi igi!" The ride person shouts through the microphone and yous all respond with "Oi Oi Oi!" Yous get off laughing and make your way towards the experience. Once you get onto it you start to get butterflies in your stomach. "You alright Y/N?" Louis asks. "Yea. Just never been really keen on this one." You whisper as the bars come down and you practically hug them. Louis places his hand on yours for comfort and you smile at him. Soon the ride starts up and you're laughing with Louis and shouting things back to the ride person. Like faster. Oi. And crazy stuff like you and Lou always did even when yous didn't start something. You're going onto your last ride and you ask louis what it is. "What we going on now?" "The Ferris wheel." He says smiling and wraps his arm around your waist. You get onto a carriage holding hands smiling at each other. You reach the top of the Ferris wheel and you turn to look at him. "Hi." You whisper and he chuckles, "hello." He replys. He slowly starts to lean in and pecks your lips softly before turning away to look over the edge of the Ferris wheel swinging his legs. You smile and do the same and see a cheeky grin on Louis face.

Harry: you and Harry are both sitting in his flat watching movies. You're cuddled up with a blanket over yous and your head is in his lap. "What you putting on now?" You ask sitting up yawning as Harry goes to put on another film after watching yes man with jim carrey. "The woman in black." He replies you nod and lie back onto his knee one he sits and plays the movie. You aren't even half way through it and you're hiding under Neath the covers and covering your ears. "What's wrong Y/n ?" Harry asks pulling the covers away and peeling your hands away from your ears. He gently kisses your hands rubbing his thumb in slow circles over them. "I don't like horrors." You mumble blushing and you're glad that it's dark so he can't see it. "Okay we'll put it off darling." He smiles at you gently and stands. "How about the notebook?" He asks but he puts it in anyway without waiting for a response. "You're a sucker for the romantics. Aren't you." You giggle and lay back down on his knee. He runs hand through his hair then yours. "Yea kinda." He smiles and you turn and continue to watch it. At the end both you and Harry are crying together and laughing at the same time at your silliness.

Niall: Niall smiles at you from over the table of his favourite food place Nandos. You laugh at his cheesy jokes and hold hands over the table. Niall had picked you up half a hour ago and you were already having the time of your life. "Niall. You need better jokes." You state. He laughs and nods agreeing. He places his hand over yours smiling and you hold hands talking. You look over to the waiter that suddenly appeared at you're table. "You two are so cute together." She coos smiling. "Thankyou." You giggle blushing. She takes you order then goes away leaving you two alone. Niall looks at you with a cheesy grin. Once you get your food and eat it you make your way out to the car hand in hand. Niall opens your door for you and you slide in and buckle up as he uses it and rushes over to his side starting the car for warmth as it was December and it was cold in London. He drives you to you house and before you can say anything he's at your door opening it. "I never knew I wasn't capable of opening a door for myself." You laugh. "Well what kind of person would I be if I didn't open a door for a beautiful girl that agreed to be my date today." You smile blushing. You look up into his eyes and notice his blue eyes looking are looking down at you and he's biting his lip. He slowly leans in and he kisses you gently. Your Arms wrap around his neck and you smile into the kiss when you pull back you mumble "best date ever." He nods in agreement and watches you walk dizzily back into your home.

Zayn: you and Zayn had just came out from dinner and you sigh looking up. He hadn't brought his car and you were walking. You examine the stars smiling making pictures out of them. You feel his arms wrap around you waist and he's standing behind you putting his head on your shoulder. "That brightest star is mars." He says softly. "Is it?" You ask wondering if he's just saying that. "Yea. The brightest star is mars." He chuckles and moves to your side wrapping his arms around your waist. "You know. The stars are quite interesting." He mumbles. "How?" You ask looking at him. Without looking at you he starts to tell you a fact about stars. "By the time the light from the star reaches earth that star is already 65,000 years old and can be gone by the time it gets here." You had to admit that was quite interesting and you nod. "How do you know that?" You ask looking up at the brightest star again. "School. Before I went to addition for the x-factor. If my mum hadn't woken me up that day and left me be. I wouldn't be in that band." He mumbles. Then he adds. "And I wouldn't be here. With you." You smile at the words. "And if I hadn't tripped over your foot in that meet and greet. We wouldn't be here." You remember how you met Zayn. You went to a meet and greet with your friend and as you walked past Zayn you tripped over his foot and into him. You started stuttering sorry and Zayn just laughed. You ended up talking and and one point he kissed you cheek and slipped a number into your back pocket. If you hadn't checked your pocket before you left the number in there it would be ruined. Thinking about it you're glad you didn't take them off and throw them in the wash as soon as you came in. You smile and turn kissing his cheek. He laughs and when you're not concentrating he stops and spins you around kissing you fully on the lips.

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