Devereaux's Inferno

World famous supermodel Guinevere Ryan is getting over her failed marriage. Wealthy playboy billionaire Reichen Devereaux V is a ladies man who is enjoying his bachelor status and is not looking to settle down. When Gwen and Reichen meet sparks fly, but fate intervenes,so when Gwen and Reichen meet again, the attraction is still there and the two embark on a passionate love affair that will change their lives forever.


7. Chapter Seven


“I’m talking about fate here – when feelings are so powerful it’s as if some force beyond your control is guiding you to someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams.” —Unknown



Reichen’s POV



A day later, I was back at my office, I decided that I would tell the board of directors that I got married two days ago until after me and Gwen tell her parents this weekend. I’m not really good at keep secrets, but it’s really important to Gwen so I’m zipping my lips until its time to tell everyone. I walk over to my desk and take a sit. I turn on my laptop, and beginning surfing the internet looking at the adoption agencies. My mind begins to wander, maybe this time next year me and Gwen will have a baby. I phoned Max, and told him to prepare a list of good adoption agencies and fax them to me before the end of the week, and also arrange me and Gwen’s marriage license. Then Max asks me when could he and Holden take me out so I can have a proper New York City bachelor party. I told him that the bachelor party would probably have to take place sometime next month because I was going to be very busy working on the transportation project with Grayson Donovan. I can sense his disappointment in his voice, so I reassure him that I will be free next month for a guys night a.k.a. my bachelor party. Knowing those crazying motherfuckers, my bachelor party will be fucking epic, just like our college days. I wonder if these happiness or high I’m feeling right now will last forever, because I never want to come down again.



“And don’t forget to make me the godfather to you and Gwen first child.”



“Okay Max I won’t forget, I’ll talk to you later okay.” I couldn't help but smile at the thought of me and Gwen starting our family. I knew it was a little to early add children to equation, but I didn't care.



“Okay, bye,"Max says as he ends the call.



I hang up the phone, and in that moment a loud voice jolts my attention outside my door. I realized that it’s my brother’s voice. I stand up and walk over to my office door and I see Rafe walking towards my office with fire in his eyes. He walks past me, into my office, he turns around and looks at me. He has a angry look on his face, I immediately realize that he must knows about my elopement with Gwen.



“You sneaking son of bitch, I can’t believe you got married without telling me.”



“I see dad told you.”



“Hell yeah dad told me, at first I thought he was joking, but then he got that serious look on his face.”



“Rafe, I’m sorry, it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.” I never meant to not to include you in the elopement."



“It’s okay bro I understand, Gwen is amazing, I’m sorry I came into your office like a bat out of hell.” I was kind of shocked, that you had got married of the blue and didn’t tell me about it, and then dad had told me you had married Guinevere Ryan, and then I understood why."



“Yeah, I mean just a couple days ago, I was single and enjoying my bacholar status, and then Gwen comes back into my life for about two hours and I propose to her. How crazy is that.”



“I know what you mean, before I met Rachel I didn’t believe in love at first sight, but when I saw her I was a goner, Hell I wanted to marry her then and there, it took me a month to convince her to marry me.”



“Speaking of Rachel, have you two decided on a wedding day yet?”



“No, we haven’t. Rachel wants to get married next year, but I want to elope.”



“You do know that if you and Rachel elope, the General will fuck you up. So you might as well wait until next year like Rachel wants.”



“Yeah I know, I’ll do anything to make her happy, and if that means waiting next year to marry the woman I love then so be it.”



“You know we’re just a bunch of hopeless romantics.”



“Yeah you’re right Reichen, so have you decided if you’re going to step down as CEO.”



“Yes, I’ve decided that I will step down at the end of this year. I’m ready to enjoy my new life with my beautiful wife." I rised from my chair and walked over to the window. Rafe walked over to the window and padded me on the back.



“I know what you mean bro, I’m thinking about taking a break from business myself to concentrate on the Rachel and the wedding." Rafe gets out of the and walks over to the door, “Hey bro I’m heading home, let the twins, Thorne, and Cain know that the engagement party is next month.”



 “Okay, I will, give Rachel my love.”



 “I will, and don’t forget about the bachelor party, It’s going to fucking crazy!"



 “I promise I won’t forget big bro, and please call Thorne, Cain and the twins and tell them I miss them okay.”



 " I will." I walk back to my window, looking down at the streets, watching people come and go. I believe to realize that my life never had any meaning until I met Gwen. All the women I dated in the past, they all seem like a blur to me at this very moment. My only regret is that I didn’t pursue Gwen, when I first met her ten years ago. The fact that she had married to that asshole of tennis player wouldn’t have mattered to me, as long as Gwen was in my arms everyday for the rest of their lives. I know I will do everything in my power to make and keep Gwen for the rest of her life. My life is looking very bright and I couldn’t help but realize that I was really happy. That I didn’t have to hide behind fake smiles. That I was truly happy and blessed to have a lovely family and a amazing wife. Life is looking great!



I immediately remember that I promised Gwen that would be back at the penthouse around 2:00pm, in order to her parents, who making they way from Washington, DC, where they have living for the past two years.





















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