Madly In Love

A girl, a guy. A couple. In love. Madly in love. What could go wrong? Well, for May and Jacob, probably everything.

"Do you believe in ghosts?"


2. May's Diary

Chapter 2: May's Diary

There was one thing no one knew about May. Not even Jacob. May kept a diary. She wrote in it every day, in secret. Not even her mother knew. She wrote everything in it. Her thoughts, hopes, dreams, even her darkest secrets. No one had ever read it, except her. It was that time of day again when she wrote in it.

Dear diary,

It's me again. But it's only ever me anyway. I'm beginning to think that Jacob doesn't like me how I like him. We aren't just friends. Of course not. I'm starting to doubt myself. I like him. Not just like, I like-like him. He's the one I want to be with. But I don't know if he wants to be with me. He did ask me if we were anything more than best friends, but I said no, so he might not like me anymore. You know how guys get over girls quickly. I'm very distraught and confused at the moment. I need to ask him. But I need to find the right time, and I can't chicken out. Wish me good luck.


May loved writing in her diary. It made her feel free to express her feelings. Like what dancing does to some people. But dance isn't enough for her. She has to talk to someone, but she can't tell anyone. She uses the diary like a person. Like a friend who is always there. She 'talked' to it. Every day, every month, every year. For four years, so far.

May drew pictures in her diary, too. She drew swans, pelicans, an odd fairy or two. Her thoughts were exchanged as words and pictures. Today she was drawing a Rainbow Lorikeet. She had seen a few on the way to her house. She thought they matched her mood. Timid yet excited at that same time. It was a bit of a mixed feeling, but she went with it anyway.

She started with the head , eyes and beak, then the wings and body, she drew the tail and the feet last. This took her almost an hour and fifteen minutes, complete with shading and colour. She was using such precision. She didn't like to draw anything without exact proportional values, or anything that didn't look real. It had to be accurate. No matter what. Even if her mum had walked into the room 15 minutes ago and was watching her.

"May, what's that?" She questioned.

"Oh!" She exclaimed. She hadn't realised her mum was there. She shouldn't be seeing this! "It's, uh, my visual arts homework."

"But it's the school holidays*, May." (*Spring Break*)

"I know, but it's kinda like an assignment."

"If it's an assignment, you shouldn't have waited this long to start it!" Her mum was angry at her. "Didn't I tell you to start assignments as soon as you get them? Don't ever do them at the last minute! Seriously, I can't believe you, May."

"But Mum-"

"But Mum nothing. Now hurry up and finish the assignment." She replied, in such a way which would make your head explode into a gazillion tiny pieces. May sighed.

Authors note:

Sorry for the wait. I've been having writers block lately. A lot of it. I hope you enjoyed this chapter, I think it was a little boring though.

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