Madly In Love

A girl, a guy. A couple. In love. Madly in love. What could go wrong? Well, for May and Jacob, probably everything.

"Do you believe in ghosts?"


1. 1: The Surf Lesson

Chapter 1: The Surf Lesson

The waves crashed down forcefully onto the beach, pushing the sand closer and closer to the grassy path of Elaine Park. The leaves of the old oak trees swayed in the crisp, cool, salty ocean breeze. May shivers in her bed, as the breeze enters her room, from that little gap under her door. She hated that thing. In fact, it was one of the many things she hated, that no one really knew about. She only told one person. Her best friend, Jacob.

Jacob Poolman. Strong, smart, fast. The best surfer the town of Coolan had ever seen. He was May's best friend, mentor, and surfing instructor. Though he was the same age as May (18), he had always seemed like an older brother to her. Growing up in a huge family, not to mention being the oldest, he was very used to being a role model in some way. Whether it was being a personal tutor to one of his five sisters, or helping one of his five brothers train for a soccer game. Whatever the problem, he was there. Like the superhero of the family. He considered himself to be quite heroic, yet everyone knew he wasn't.

May was a quiet girl, she grew up in the country, living on a small estate with many horses and cattle. She moved to the city after her town was infected with a dangerous virus. Most of her cattle was killed, and the rest was sold. May lived in a family of 4, as she only had one sister, Lily.

May arrived at the surf shack at 6am exactly. She couldn't stand being late (Yet another thing she hated). She knocked on the door. "Jacob? You in there?" She pushed the door, a tiny bit. It was unlocked. She opened it a crack, and peeked through. "Jacob. This isn't funny." Still no answer. Suddenly, from behind the counter, a man in a white mask with feathers jumped out and roared. May screamed before realising who it was. Jacob. "Jacob. You almost gave me a heart-attack! Don't you dare do that again! I almost fainted!"

"Oh, really." He took off the mask.

"Yes, really. How did you know when I would be here, anyway?"

"Oh, come on May, you are always here on time. Don't you think I've noticed how you hate being late?" he paused for a moment, as May was giving him a stare which pierced into him like a thousand needles. "Ahh! Don't stare at me like that!" She laughed.

"Haha, gotcha."

"Oh, whatever. Even Stevens?"

"Even Stevens."

"Anyway, ready for your surf lesson, May?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."

"Wow. Nice one. You watched too much tv last night didn't you?"

"Yeah, I really gotta stop doing that. It's effecting my ability to speak like a normal person."

"Totally, dude." He replied, mocking her 'TV' speak, and sounding like one of those stereotypical surfer guys.

They ran down to the beach where the sun was beginning to rise. Their surfboards crashed into the water as they paddled their way, deeper into the ocean.

"Ready May?"

"Ready Jacob." They pushed through the water, spotting a few fish along the way. Jacob demonstrated how to stand up, and she followed along. She had been learning to surf for about two months now, and this was her favourite activity (other than horse riding, which she teaches Jacob). They surfed together for a few hours, before retreating to the cafe close by, near Elaine Park.

They bought a couple of drinks, and sat down at their table. They always sat at this table, as it had the best views of the ocean, and it was outside, in the ocean air. They could still hear the crashing of the waves as they drank. The wind was picking up quickly, so they moved inside.

"May," Jacob began, "Do you think we are best friends?"

May hesitated to reply. "Well, yeah. Why? Do you think we are just friends?" She asked in what seemed to be a worried manner.

"No.. But do you think we are anything more?"

"Uh, no?" A lie.


"Jacob, why are you interrogating me?" She joked.

"I'm not..?"

"You are."

"I am?"

"Oh stop it." They laughed. "Well, I'd better go. Mum is waiting for me.

"Oh. Okay then. See you May."

"See you Jacob" She flashed him a smile as she left. He smiled back, realising they were both on the same page.

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