Forbidden love

Alicia has finally found her brother, Harry again after running away, not only has she found her brother, but maybe he true love.

But will Harry except it?


5. you and I

Niall's pov

I wrapped my arms around Alicia. I think I'm in love with her. She snuggles closer to me. I told her I know what to do.

I take he hand as we head up to the roof where,

You and I Was created

(4 am)

We decide to head back to my room as we get in my bed, we are half asleep.

"Niall?" Yes love? " I love you " she said " I love you too.

We had a short five second kiss. Then I rolled over. A small tear came out of my eyes. I quickly wipe it off, then roll back over to hold her in my arms as we fall asleep

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