Forbidden love

Alicia has finally found her brother, Harry again after running away, not only has she found her brother, but maybe he true love.

But will Harry except it?


8. special

Alicia's pov

I get out of the shower and get dressed as fast as I can. I blow dry my hair,and leave it since it's naturally straight.i put no make up on, since I don't really have any.

I walk downer stairs to see Niall in the kitchen.

" ready? " as ready as I'll ever be"

With that we took his car and drove to a car shop

" what are we doing here?" I said

"Just hold on, I'll be right back"Niall said.

I nodded then he left.

He came back with a bag.he got in the car and we drove off.

Now I don't don't where we are. " ok love, now we get out."I nodded. He grabbed the bag. He put a cover over the seats. He reached in a bag,and handed me a spray paint." What are we doing with this?" We'll paint the car, duhh!"I gently pushed him.

After a while, we were done painting this rainbow looking car, we went out to nando's. " ok, we had a fun day, but how are we going to get the paint off the car?"I asked.

" the paint will come off with water, but don't worry about that, it's Louis's car!"Niall said.

We both started laughing. By now we were in the car, on our way home.

" I had a good time,,"me too" there was a short silence, but it was comfortable. And with that there was a kiss.

And we drove home to some craziness.

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