Forbidden love

Alicia has finally found her brother, Harry again after running away, not only has she found her brother, but maybe he true love.

But will Harry except it?


7. I don't sing, I preform

Alicia's pov

I wake up to see that it is10:00. U quickly get in the show and start singing you and I.

Niall's pov

I wake up to to some one singing. I immediately know who it is and walk to her room and yell..

Ali's pov

Alii!!! " I hear some on say. "Niall!!!! " wutttttt " that's my question." How fast can you get dressed!" Ummm idk give me ten, why?" We have plans" I stick my head out the shower curtain and raise an eyebrow."we? " yes we-okay justgetdressedokayloveyoubye." I giggle

Love you too Niall, love you too

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