The Neighbors

When you look at those houses you may think it will be a horror story but no it's about Cameron Dallas moving next door to 13 year old Sadie Renyolds. Read more to find out


3. Chapter two Cameron's POV

I heard Taylor's song Buckwild outside. My mom looked at me and laughed you better go see what's going on back there. Can I use the spy hole I asked in a childish tone. Yes she rolled her eyes. YAS! I ran outside and went to the fence and looked through the peep hole I saw a girl about maybe 14 dancing the song ended and chimes started playing. She was really good I knew somebody had boughten the house next door it I didn't know they were moving in that quick or that they had a kid. I went back inside Sierra had come downstairs. I put some whip cream on my cheek and rubbed it against her face she screamed then smacked me with a magazine. Mom washed the whip cream off both of out faces with a rag. I saw them come in yesterday and the moving truck it still full maybe Cam and I could go over Sierra suggested. Good idea Cameron go my mom pointed to the door. The door was cracked I was about to knock when I heard a crash and a voice yelled SHIT! I tried to stop my laughter. I rang the door bell and another thing crashed SHIT I heard again. SADIE GO GET THAT. A girl around 13 came to the door with a coke yes? She asked. CAM I turned around and Sierra was running up the driveway. Woah I'm really out of shape. Anyways hi I'm Sierra and this is my little brother Cameron we live next door and our mother suggested we help you guys finish up. I'm sure my mom and dad would love that considering they have broken 5 plates so far she laughed. Yeah I kinda heard. She showed us in it was a nice house big kitchen with bar island. Her dad was painting in the living room it a green but a light one it looked good. I had met Sadie's mom like a minute ago and she was already ordering me around. I picked up a paint brush and started painting the kitchen a dark blue. Sierra went to help Sadie with her room and bathroom. If they had any furniture it was all covered up because of the painting they were doing. Dani! Sadie's mom came running through the hallway only one more room she was very happy. They highfived causing paint to get all over her t shirt she looked down and they both started laughing. Cameron? Yes mrs.reynolds? Oh please call me Katie that makes me sound soooooo old. Ok yes Katie I smiled. Can you go see if Sierra and Sadie need any help. I started up the stairs but Katie stopped me how old are you 18 I answered. I kept on walking up the stairs I heard Katie say to Dani see we have nothing to worry about.

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