The Neighbors

When you look at those houses you may think it will be a horror story but no it's about Cameron Dallas moving next door to 13 year old Sadie Renyolds. Read more to find out


5. Chapter 4

Sorry I haven't updated but I will try to write more often this will be a short one but hopefully it will get my ideas flowing again


It's the first day of school, I got up and quickly braided my hair and changed into my school clothes, grabbed my backpack and phone then ran downstairs . I was all ready to go when my mom stopped me. " no school today we left a bunch of stuff in storage in Maine we have to go back for a couple of weeks." " how much stuff?" I asked " well I guess all your father and i's bedroom furniture " I burst out laughing how could they forget their stuff I wonder. " and all your grandmother stuff that we have to sort through its going to be a lot of work so guess who is coming" I didn't get a chance to answer before Cameron burst through the door. "ROAD TRIP" He shouted " perfect timing " my mom laughed. " we leave in an hour get stuff together " my mom said " THIS IS NOT A DRILL WE LEAVE IN AN HOUR I LEAVE IN AN HOUR" Cameron looked like my mom was kidding I knew better "GO GO GO " "she's not kidding" Cameron asked " no so we better go.

One hour later

"Wait wait!" Cameron and I both yelled at the same time to the RV as it was driving away. Our suitcases jumping around behind us. Cameron's suitcase was so full it burst and all his clothes went flying. We picked up his clothes and ran to the Ev laughing. As we got in Sierra was laughing, " I got that whole thing on video" she laughed. I'm not going to make it on this trip.

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