Fantasy, adventurous, exploring, and much more.


2. The Long Journey

Onyx and Caroline continue there journey along great adventures ahead of them. "Onyx?" Caroline said. "Caroline it has only been a couple hours, we have a long distance between us. "Oh..." Caroline replied. As the 2 friends continue along there journey, a very strange sound occurs. *Clink* *Clank* Onyx says, "Do you hear that?" "Yes, but where is it coming from Onyx?" "I do not know". The 2 friends decide to continue along the path and ignore the noise. The had gotten louder so the 2 decided to investigate. They walk slowly inside a dark cave they had just found, Onyx with his steel sword drawn and ready for battle. "Onyx, i'm scared..." "Caroline...just be calm and quiet". Onyx and Caroline, continue along the walkway and out of know were a sword comes flying towards Onyx. He quickly moves tot he side and peeks to the corner. "It's 2 men battling Caroline". Caroline stayed silenced. One of the men spotted Onyx and he knocked the sword out of his opponents hand and runs toward him, Onyx gets his sword ready but the man jumps on him. Caroline seen the other man coming toward her and she picked up Onyx's sword off the ground and stabbed the man who was attacking Onyx, Onyx grabbed the sword and drived it into the other mans chest. Onyx, and Caroline were in utter shock... Caroline was confused why they were trying to work together after they were fighting each other! Onyx didn't care, he just wanted to leave. They both came back the way they came from and continued the trail. After another hour of walking Onyx was very hungry, he said to Caroline, "I'm hungry.. I will try and go get some food, wait here. Take my sword".

"Okay, Onyx. Hurry back" Caroline said. As Onyx wondered into the woods, he found a strange light source laying on the ground. It looked like a valued amulet. He had reached to grab it, but all of the sudden a ginormous, freaky monster flew out of a tree onto Onyx. "AHHHHHHHHH"  Onyx yelled, he tried pulling his lucky dagger out but couldn't. Keep in mind he was very far from Caroline so she didn't hear him.  He finally got out of the arms of the freakish monsters and tossed his dagger directly into its eye. The freakish monster staggered back and fell. Onyx ran and grabbed the amulet. He ran like the wind away from the monster. He found a squirrel running away and jumped on it. He brought it back to Caroline. "Took you all that time just for a squirrel..?" "Well, in case you didn't notice the blood on me, I was attacked buy a big monster. So please.. no shit!" "Fine mister asshole." Onyx cooked up the squirrel and they ate it. After that they continued there journey through the deep trail.





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