The One in the Letter Jacket || h. s.

He was wearing a Letter man that's all I know. Read to find out about the boy in the letterman


2. Tryouts

Today, aka the first day of school, aka softball try outs.

We walked through the doors with a since of confidence, no body could bring me down today. By we I mean my new found friends, Lana and Avery. We had all rode to school together talking about the latest gossip even though I didn't know anybody they talked about considering they were about the only people I knew.

You know that confidence I was talking about, all of that suddenly disappeared when I saw HIM. He was standing by some lockers laughing with his friend. The cutest dimples I had ever seen popping out of either cheeks. As soon as he met my gaze I nearly fell to the ground not to mention the flirtatious wink he sent my way which turned my whole face about as red as a tomato.


The school day had whizzed by and I had met quite a few people really, none of them being the cute one in the letter jacket, sadly. But my luck seemed to get better as the day passed and before i knew it, I was headed to softball tryouts.

I was one of the last to actually get to try out. I stepped up to bat, hitting the bat against my cleats making the dirt go flying off of them. We had an automatic machine pitching to us to see how well we could hit. As soon as it had spit out the ball, I was ready focusing on the ball hurling at me through the air. Smack. As soon as the bat made contact with the bat it was already over the fence indicating a home run. To say none the less, the coach was shocked and so was over half of the girls trying out.

Then, i noticed an all to familiar face watching me from the fence line, with a prominent smirk on his face. O felt my cheeks flame up instantly as he sent yet another wink my way before walking towards the baseball fields for the boys tryouts.

Before I knew it try outs were over for girls, but the boys were just warming up. Most of decided to stay and watch the boys try out, because who doesn't want to see a bunch of boys in baseball pants. Am I right?

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