Zamikaura Twins (Naruto)


1. going to Konoha


The day we found our family dead on the floor is the day our lives changed forever.

How cliché.

I go by Akane, and my twin sister goes by Ai.

Anyway our clan was totally wiped out except for us. We were training at the lake and we came back late.

We walked as slowly as we could to avoid getting home quickly. Knowing our parents were glutton for punishment we procrastinated talking and helping villagers lock up their stores.

When we finally got home we snuck in through the door and found our family massacred. What a lovely sight.

Blood and bodies sprawled all around the house. They didn't even have their weapons on them. It almost made me angry.


We were train to not show emotion so the only thing that changed in our facial expressions were wide eyes.

We checked them to see if the had a pulse and no luck. We found our mom with a note in her hand.

'Akane & Ai

I am writing quickly, go to the Hidden Lead Village and talk to the Hokage show him this note. We have a safe house there where he should let you stay.

I know we were harsh on both of you but know we loved you even if we didn't show it. We all want you to become great ninjas so please listen to us.

~ love

Akira Z'

"Ai we have to go." I say. She nod.

"You get the money, and I'll pack the clothes." She says.

We have money stored underneath a floor board in our room so I quickly grab it and go to the drawer in the kitchen. I lift up the counter because the drawer doesn't pull out and grab all the money storing it in my pouch.

Pretty soon Ai rushes back downstairs with two identical back packs full of clothes and probably personal items.

She hands me one and we make our way to The Hidden Leaf Village.

We make the three day trip only stopping for food and sleep. I have a feeling it's gonna rain soon so we sprint towards the gates of the village.

"Halt!" One of the guards says.

"State your purpose." The second one says.

"We wish to speak to the Hokage." We state at the same time tilting our heads to the right.

"Alright, uh we will get someone to escort you two." Second guard says.

"What are you names?" First guard asks.

"Akane." I say.

"And Ai." She says.

"You guys are identical twins am I correct?" First guard says.

"Yes sir." We say.

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?" We ask.

"Speak in unison?"

"We've been with each other since birth." I start.

"It's only natural we know what each other are thinking." Ai says right after I finish speaking.

"This is creepy." Guard one says.

I can understand why he thinks it creepy. Picture two identical twins doing the same as the other with expressionless faces and monotone voices.

"Only if you make it creepy." We say.

"Ah I see we have visitors!" A man with gravity deifying hair and a forehead protecter over his eye says.

"Hello sir." We say bowing slightly.

"What polite girls. Follow me and I will take you to the Hokage." He says.

We nod and follow him silently.

"So what are you girls here for?" He asks.

"We will explain-" Ai starts.

"-everything in the Hokage's office." I finish.

"I can see why they called you guys creepy." He sweat-dropped.

"We get that a lot." We say.

It wasn't a long walk to the Hokauge's office.

The ninja knocked on the door.

"Come in." An old voice said.

"Hokage-sama these girls wish to speak with you." The ninja says opening the door to reveal a very old man.

"Well then, go on." He nods.

"Our clan was recently massacred." I state.

"We found a letter on our mother -" Ai starts.

"-and she wanted us to become ninja of the leaf." I finish handing him the letter.

He reads and re reads the letter and he sighs.

"So Akira was your mother." He sigh.

"Yes sir." We say.

"I know the house she speaks of. Here is the key. Kakashi will escort you to the house. You can start the academy tomorrow. It starts at eight so don't be late." He nods to the the hair guy.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." We bow slightly. Taking the key he hands us.

"Can we make a request to you the Hokage-sama?" I ask.

He nods.

"If we do become ninja." Ai starts.

"And we are to be put on teams." I continue.

"May we be on the same team?" Ai says.

"Because with us." I start.

"It's both of us." Ai continues.

"Or nothing." We say.

"That seems perfectly reasonable." He smiles at us.

"Thank you Hokage-sama." We say bowing again.

We silently follow Kakashi towards our new home and it's very regular, just a normal two story cottage.

"Here we are." He says giving a closed eye smile.

"Thank you Kakashi." We say.

"You're quite welcome. Feel free to do some exploring after you're settled in. Don't forget the academy starts at eight." He smiles leaving us.

"He seems nice." I say.

"Very much so." Ai replies.

"Let's settle in, then we can go shopping." I say.

She nods and we pick out our bedrooms. We explored the house a bit. Three bathrooms, four bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a dining room.

Two bedrooms upstairs and two bathroom upstairs. So one bed and bath downstairs.

"I like it." We say and softly smile at each other.

"Let's explore the village." Ai says.

We go to different shops buying newer clothes. People are looking at us strangely probably because of how we look.

We are both very pale because we can't tan and we have white hair. We have red eyes and we have a Red Cross like thing on our arms under our shoulders.

In some villages we've traveled to we were called demons and chased out of the village.

It's very strange but we like it. I honestly like our red eyes.

We go into a clothing store and buy some new clothes we buy two of what we like and leave the store.

Next we go to a candy store and buy a bunch of lollipops.

Our stomachs growl and we look at each other and chuckle.

"BBQ?" We ask at the same time.

We both nod out head and follow the smell of meat.

Once we get there we notice a group of kids around our age sitting together.

We go sit at two empty seats across for each other in a deserted table.

"Hello what would you like to eat." The lady asks smiling at us.

"Anything beef." Ai says.

"Anything pork." I say.

The lady smiles and tells us she will be back soon.

"Are you ready to go to the academy?" I ask her excited and smiling.

"I think it will be fun." She says smiling back.

"I think we should start expressing more emotion." I say.

"Being monotone is tiring. But we could freak our new classmates out by being monotone." She says.

"You do have a point." I nod.

"This is going to be fun." She says.

"Here is your food." The lady says.

"Pork?" She asks.

I raise my hand slightly. She places my food in front of me. The gives Ai hers.

"Thank you." We say to the waitress.

"No problem." She smiles.

We eat our food in silence. Almost.

"Hello ladies." A tan kid says. He has brown hair and red on his face he kind of reminds me of a dog. Oh he has a dog in his jacket how cute.

Then beside him is a boy who looks like he doesn't want to be here.

"Hello." We say in monotone being expressionless.

"So what are your names? I'm Kiba." He smirks.

"I'm Akane." I say tilting my head.

"And I'm Ai." She says tilting her head as well.

"What's your name?" We ask looking at the boy beside Kiba.

"I'm Nara Shikamaru." He says.

"So we over heard you girls speaking about joining the academy." Kiba says.

"We've already joined." Ai starts.

"We start tomorrow." I finish.

"That's cool so I can expect you girls to be in our class tomorrow?" Kiba asks.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night." We say.

"What a drag." Shikamaru says sighing.

"We've got to go." I say.

"Well see you tomorrow probably." Ai says.

We pay for our food and leave to buy groceries.

When we get home Ai takes the clothes and I take the food so we can put up faster.

When I finish putting up the food I take the toiletries upstairs I give Ai hers and take mine then I take a long shower.

When I get out I go into my room and put on my t shirt and shorts.

"Hey Akane?" Ai ask coming into my room.

"Yes?" I mumble into my pillow.

"What are we wearing tomorrow? Your outfit or mine?" She asks.

We have this system and we switch every day like one day we wear what I want to the the other we wear what Ai wants.

"Let's go with yours you got to put it together though. I'm tired right now." I sigh plopping onto my bed and sighing.

"Ok it will be in you room when you wake up." She says.

"Night!" I tell her before she leaves.

"Good night!" She replies grinning and leaving my room.

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