Zamikaura Twins (Naruto)


2. First Day At The Academy

When I wake up I sigh seeing that I'm up two hours before we have to be at the academy.

I sit up and see clothes on my desk and sigh.

I start dressing in her outfit that consists of fish net padding t shirt that goes to my elbows and a white shirt that goes just below my belly button. Then there are some fish net padding for pants that go a little past my knees with a pair of black shorts that reach mid thigh.

I put my long hair into pig tails because that's what we do when she chooses the outfits and bounce downstairs.

I start cooking us some breakfast that consists of bacon eggs and toast.

Pretty soon Ai comes down stairs looking identical to me sniffing the air.

"I smell bacon." She says.

"I have bacon." I tell her pushing her plate forward.

She wastes no time as she devours her food and I smile at my younger sister, and continue eating slowly.

"It's almost time to go." She says looking at the clock.

I nod to her and grab a handful of suckers from the bag in the counter. Ai does the same and puts a cherry one in her mouth.

I laugh as I do the same. We head out the door and slowly walk towards the academy.

When we finally find it we notice we are a little late.

"How may I help you two." A lady at the desk asks.

"Can you tell us what room were in?" We ask holding our lollipop sticks.


"Ai and Akane." Ai says.

The lady nods and looks through her papers.

"Room 7." She smiles and points in the direction to go.

"Thank you." We say tossing the sticks in a trash bin beside her desk, walking to where she is pointing and we find the room and open the door.

Heads turn to look at us and we keep of faces expressionless.

"Ah you must be our new students the Hokage told me about. Akane and Ai?" He says.

We nod our heads.

"Well I'm Iruka but you can call me Iruka-sensi. You can sit by Naruto" He says pointing to the kid that's tied up.

We nod and make our way to the tied up kid and sit on either side of him.

"Why is he tied up?" We ask Iruka-sensi.

"He painted the Hokage's faces." He says pointing to the mountain with people heads carved into the side. He needs to work on his art skills.

"Because of Naruto we are gonna practice the transformation jutsu." Iruka says.

I hear groans and everybody stands up and goes to the front. We untie Naruto and he follows.

"Sakura you go first." Iruka nods towards the pink haired girl.

She does hand signs and yells transform and turns into Iruka.

"Perfect replica." Iruka nods.

She releases the jutsu and squeals.

"Did you see that Sasuke?" She asks looking at a raven haired boy.

"Hn." Is his reply.

I quirk an eyebrow and look at Ai to notice her doing the same as me.

Iruka goes down the line and then he comes to us. He nods his head at us and we do the hand signs. We say transform but not as loud as the others and we both turn into Kakashi.

"Very good girls." He smiles.

We release the jutsu and nod at him.

And then he gets to Naruto who performs a 'Sexy Jutsu' and he turns into a naked girl with clouds around her private parts.

Iruka gets a nose bleed. Ai and I smile at Naruto when he release the jutsu.

"I'll be back, no fighting." Iruka says leaving the room after we returned to our seats.

"What you did"Ai starts.

" was really funny Naruto." I finish.

"Really thank you!" He says giving us a closed eyes smile.

I feel two shadows loom over Ai and I so we turn around and see the pink haired girl and a blonde.

"Is there anybody in the class who you find cute or attractive?" The blonde asks.

I look over at Ai and she looks at me and we smirk.

"Yeah why do you ask?" We say.

"Who?" Pink hair asks.

We look around to see the class looking at us and I notice Kiba and Shikamaru.

"I for one find Shikamaru pretty attractive." I say giving him a smile which he returns with a soft tinge of pink on his cheeks.

"Or the guy in the glass over there. He seems fun." Ai says smiling at him.

"And Kiba." We say.

"Is that it?" Pink hair asks.

"Well there is Naruto." We say.

"Why he's a freak." Pink says.

"Says the one with pink hair." We say quirking an eyebrow.

"Or that guy in the blue over there." Ai says.

"Yeah there is him. Although." I start.

"He seems like he has baggage." Ai finishes.

This makes them mad.

"Don't you dare lay a hand on him or I'll seriously hurt you." They say together.

"We seriously doubt that." We say.

"We've been in training ever since our parents noticed we had chakura." Ai starts.

"And they didn't baby us either." I grin sadistically.

"When we made a mistake-" Ai

"We were beaten-" me

"If we cried or screamed-" Ai

"It would get worse-" me

"So after a while-" Ai

"We stopped feeling pain-" me

"Or emotions-" Ai

"But we did learn one thing-" me

"Is how to inflict pain-" Ai

"We could snap you like a twig-" me

"So don't mess with us-" Ai

"Or Naruto-" me

"Or we will find you-" Ai

"And we will hurt you" we say together giving a sickly sweet grin to the girls. They look terrified.

"Boo!" We say to them they squeal and run back to their seats.

We smirk at their reactions as the class laughs.

We look at Naruto and he has his head down.

"Hey Naruto are you okay?" I ask.

"Did we scare you?" Ai asks.

"No it's just no ones every really stood up for me before. I'm really grateful! Believe it!" He yells that last part looking at us and grinning.

"That's great we only meant to scare the bimbos." Ai says.

"Yeah, hey Naruto do you wanna be friends?" I ask.

"I've never had a friends before." He says.

"We haven't had any friends besides each other." We say.

"You can be like-" Ai starts

"Our little brother." I finish.

"Really?" He asks.

"Really." We say giving him a closed eye smile.

"Hey how about after class we go eat? I'll pay." I ask Naruto.

"We could go get Ichikaru's ramen! It's the best thing ever! Believe it!" He yells.

We chuckle at him but we agree.

"Come to think of it-" I start.

"We've never had ramen before." Ai finishes.

"You haven't lived until you have had Ichikaru's ramen." Naruto says.

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