Trouble Maker ( A tony stark fanfic )

Harley Davis is Tony starks 15 year old daughter who is A very know Trouble maker All over New York , California , Florida , and places out of the United states . She doesn't really care what others think of her and how her mother raised her .

Her mother is A very Succesful Lawyer known all over the World who is never home and Gives Harley Money 24/7 because she is never home . Harley Knows who her father is But ignores the fact that Tony Stark is her father because she hates him with all her passion .

What will happen when they meet each other for the first time ? How will tony react when he finds out that he had a Daughter that was born from a one night stand ?


1. #Intro

Harley's P.O.V -


I ran as fast as I could and jumped over things that where in my way . Your probably thinking " what is she doing right now ? " well right now I am trying to run away from the PoPo who is following me because they caught me Paint spraying a random Building  . " FREEZE ! STOP RIGHT THERE ! " one of the five cops that where following said . I continued and ran inside a parking lot where my car was at . I kept running and quickly took my car keys in the progress . I unlocked my car and was thankful that All of my windows where Tinted a dark black . I waited 30 minuts after they left and then turned the engine on . I roared to life and I Backed up . I sped out of the Parking lot and headed Home.



After driving for not that long I  Got home and parked the car in the Garage . I took a cigarret and my lighter out of my back pocket and lighted the cigarret . I took a big drag from it and headed inside the house . I walked up to my room and went to the Balcony there . I sat down and looked out at the beach . I finished my cigarret and decided to head out again since I was alredy had planned meeting my friend at a coffee shop . 



I quickly showered and got dressed in A pair of light sea green shorts and a purple and light pink flower crop top . I slipped my All purple high top converse and let my natural  under my boob length red / cramel / fire like hair down .  I grabbed my Motorcycle helmet and went to the garage .

I got on my black 2015 ninja zx 10r and  put my hair inside of the helmet  . I opened the door and sped out of there . Earlier before the PoPo started following me I got a call from my best friend and we made plans to meet up at a coffee shop where they sell good coffee and snacks and no it is not starbucks people !



I pulled up to the place and parked with a roar . I turned the engine off and walked inside .I took my helmet off and looked around for Gale . I spotted her and walked towards her with my helmet in hand . I got to her and took a seat infront of her . " how was spray painting ? " I rolled my eyes " the f*ckin' PoPo saw me and started to chase me " I said grumpy . her mouth was wide open and she laughed " really ? are you serious ? " I nodded pissed and she laughed some more . We heard the door bell signaling that someone entered ding and I swear all of the girls in here started quealing for no reason  .



I rolled my eyes and we got up to order . I ordered a coffee with a jelly doughnut and gale ordered a frapp with a glazed doughnut . I paid for everything and turned around just to crash into someone and get my coffee all over me " OH MY GOD ! WHAT THE F*CKKK !!!! SHITTT !! " I creamed not caring if anyone was looking at me . I looked up pissed and saw the one and only Tony Stark " ARE YOU FUCKIN" SERIOUS !! ?? " I screamed in his face frustrated .



" oh god im so sorry . I wasn't paying attention . " He apologized while actually looking guilty .  I scoffed and this time hissed in his face  " yeah you better be careful next time "   He stared at me and said " you look familiar . Do I know you ? " I growled out " of course I look familiar ! " and threw my doughnut at his face . I walked up to the table I was in before and grabbed my helmet . " IS THERE SOMETHING ON MY FACE ! OH WAIT THERE IS AND ITS CALLED COFFEE  . NOW STOP LOOKING B*TCH !!!! "


I screamed at the hoe that was giving me dreath glares . I turned and headed out . " wait . Im sorry okay ? " I got in my bike and turned it on . " Ill get you a new outfit . just give me your name and ill send it " At this point I was looking at him through my Helmet and Gale roared out of the parking space she was parked in . " f*ck you . Now leave me alone . you've done enough alredy " I said and sped out of there leaving a confused and guilty Tony stark behind .



Hi guys ! this is my first book here so im sorry if its bad ! Also im sorry for the bad grammar !

Thanks for reading my book ! =)


                                                                                            ~  my_babe_robert ~

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